Electric Cars, Retail Rally, Stocks Climb Wall of Worry: Key Stories on Market Insights


The coronavirus pandemic has faded in late 2021, giving rise to new trends in the stock market. Some patterns have continued from earlier quarters, while other stories are newer.

Market Insights always works to keep readers informed amid all the changes. Below are some key stories in recent months that highlight changing conditions in the market.

Ethereum’s Supply Is Getting Squeezed as Fee Burning Kicks In (8/12): The No. 2 cryptocurrency underwent a key upgrade that will reduce its supply. Another change took effect on October 27 as Ethereum prepares for the crucial transition to proof of stake, potentially in the first half of next year.

Nasdaq Stocks Are Teetering, Except For This One Key Company (10/5): Market Insights breaks down the bullish price action in Tesla (TSLA) before its rally to new highs.

Huge Call Roll in Ford Motor: Is It Bullish? (9/27): Market Insights follows the options activity as Henry Ford’s iconic automaker migrates from gasoline to electrons. The heavy call volume was followed by a strong quarterly report as the Bronco and Mustang brands drive margins wider.

Stocks Slide as Negativity Thickens Before the Fed’s Dreaded Taper Announcement (9/20): Sentiment turned bearish in September as investors anticipated tighter monetary policy from the Federal Reserve. Consumers have also been gloomy, but that hasn’t kept them from spending.

Retail Feeding Frenzy as Brick and Mortar Stocks Beat Estimates (11/4): Despite pessimistic commentary, Americans are spending freely as the holidays approach. That’s helped retailers, which are trying to recover from half a decade of digital competition.

Rivian Goes Public in Hotly Anticipated Electric Truck IPO (11/10): The electric-truck maker went public in the biggest initial public offering of 2021. It was one of many new companies an electric industry that includes Lucid (LCID) and potentially Apple (AAPL).

Oil and Gas Are Back in Focus as Winter Approaches and Demand Rebounds (9/15): Even with investors focused on zero-emission technology, traditional energy stocks are the leading sector this year.

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