Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ethereum Holds $4,000 and the Trendline: Chart of the Day

Ethereum has been pulling back since mid-November, potentially creating opportunities for traders. The first pattern on today’s chart is the trendline starting on July 20...

What’s Going On With Cryptocurrencies After Bitcoin’s Selloff This Week?

Bitcoin is having its worst week in almost two months. Is this the end of the rally, or just a dip along the...

This Week’s Altair Upgrade Moves Ethereum Closer to Proof of Stake and Supply Scarcity

Ethereum is taking a step this week toward the elusive "proof of stake" model, which promises faster processing times and greater scarcity. The so-called Altair...

Bitcoin Popularity Explodes as ETF Launches and Investors Shed U.S. Treasury Bonds

Bitcoin's popularity is surging as a long-awaited exchange-traded fund launches. Preliminary analysis from Google Trends showed Bitcoin's popularity jumping to its highest level in at...

Stocks Rebound as Inflation Drives Investors Back to Energy and Value Plays

Stocks rebounded last week as the U.S. skirted a debt crisis and investors returned to value stocks like energy and financials. The S&P 500 rose...

Big Fish ‘Hodling,’ Brazilian Interest, ETF In the Works? Why Bitcoin Jumped Today

Bitcoin flew back above $55,000 today on renewed hopes of the digital asset becoming a mainstream store of value. No single event triggered the move....
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Crypto Bulls Cite Mounting Positives as Gloom Plagues the Market

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum pulled back in September. Now analysts may be seeing potentially bullish trends, even with bearishness plaguing the market. One emerging...

Bitcoin: The Correction that Never Was?

"What if they gave a war and nobody came?" was a popular saying with protestors in the 1960s. Something similar could be asked of...

Chart of the Day: Ethereum Is Holding $3,000

Sometimes there's a lot to be said about nice round numbers. This might be one of those times with Ethereum holding $3,000. The level has...

Ethereum’s Supply Is Getting Squeezed as Fee Burning Kicks In

One week ago, Ethereum implemented an upgrade to control fees and limit supply. It's already having an effect. About 3 Ethereum are getting "burned" each...
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