Saturday, July 24, 2021 Could Be Preparing for a Breakout: Technical Analysis

0 has consolidated since last August. Now it may be ready for a breakout, especially with the Nasdaq leading again.

Facebook Joins the Trillion Dollar Club as Fear Bubble Melts and Ad Revenue Piles...

Facebook's market capitalization just rose above $1 trillion, making it the fifth member of an elite club in the U.S. stock market.

Tesla Faces a Make or Break Moment as Electric Vehicle Stocks Surge Back

Tesla's stock could be at critical juncture as investors rotate back to zero-emission stocks like electric cars and solar energy.

Value Takes a Beating as Big Tech Attempts a Breakout: Watch The Market Today

The Nasdaq-100 hit new highs today as investors rotate back to major growth names like Apple and They're also selling value...

Reopening Stocks Like Banks and Commodities Are Crashing After the Fed Turned Hawkish

The Federal Reserve turned hawkish yesterday, and reopening stocks are paying the price today. Steelmakers, energy drillers, banks and...

Check Out This Bullish Options Activity in Giant Semiconductor and Mining Stocks

The two largest companies in their industries had bullish options activity today: Intel and Vale. Intel (INTC), the world's...

This Major Index Is Breaking Out as Value Stocks Pause: Chart Study

Value stocks and reopening plays have been the main themes in 2021, but now the bulls seem to be returning to Big...

Growth Stocks Regain the Lead as Investors Embrace a Dovish Fed

Most of 2021 has focused on value stocks as the economy reopening from coronavirus, but last week investors returned to growth.

Advanced Micro Is Challenging a Trend Line: Chart of the Day

Believe it or not, Advanced Micro Devices has been little changed for 10 months. But now the semiconductor stock may be getting...

Apple Could Be Squeezing Toward a Breakout With New Features Unveiled at WWDC

Apple has been a frustrating stock for most of the year, but now it may be squeezing toward another rally.
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