Thursday, February 25, 2021

Semiconductor Shortage Squeezes Automakers as Chip Demand Surges Like Never Before

A shortage of semiconductors is sweeping the economy as demand for connectivity surges in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
3-D Printing Stocks Like DDD Are Flying as Demand Surges

Forget About Bitcoin and Tesla. This Forgotten Corner of Technology Is Crushing Both

3-D printing stocks are flying as investors see huge growth for a revolutionary new segment of the technology space.
GameStop Has Overtaken Tesla on Google Finance

GameStop Has Overtaken Tesla on Google Finance

GameStop's epic short squeeze is a stunning example of how quickly markets can change. A big example of this appeared on Google...
Facebook Crashes as Energy Soars: Amazing Chart Study

Facebook Crashes as Energy Soars: This Chart Shows the Massive Rotation Happening in the...

Stocks have barely moved this week. You almost wouldn't guess how much drama is swirling beneath the surface. Major...
Airbnb, DoorDash Lead Rally in Newer Tech IPOs: Guide to Recent Deals

Airbnb Tries to Break Out as Recent IPOs Fly Ahead of Established Tech Names

Airbnb and DoorDash are breaking out as investors shrug at old tech names like Facebook. ABNB rose 5.7 percent...
Intel Rallies After Hiring Pat Gelsinger as a CEO, Looking for Turnaround

Intel Explodes Higher on New CEO. It Could Be a Very Big Deal

Intel just had a massive rally on some potentially huge news: Pat Gelsinger is the new CEO. Gelsinger was...

Tesla Was TradeStation’s Most Active Stock in 2020 as Electric Cars Went Mainstream

Electric cars remained a major theme at TradeStation in December. Traders also returned to established large-cap technology stocks. Apple...

Market Pulse: Apple Holds Breakout as iPhone Cycle Takes Hold

Apple’s price chart continues to show improvement amid reports of strong demand for the iPhone 12. Click here to view the...
Apple's Next Cycle of IPhone Upgrades Could Be Starting

Market Pulse: Apple’s Next IPhone Cycle Could Be Starting

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 two months ago. Now it may be starting to pay off. Japanese news service...
Airbnb, DoorDash IPOs Upsized Amid Strong Demand for Stocks

Airbnb, DoorDash IPOs Upsized: Investors Cannot Get Enough of New Technology Stocks

Airbnb and DoorDash both increased the size of their initial public offerings this week as investors continue to pour money into new-economy...
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