Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jerome Powell Stays Dovish: What It Means for Your Money

The Federal Reserve emphasized its commitment to low interest rates yesterday, a move with potentially big implications for investors.

Eurex Micro Futures Are Now Available on TradeStation

You don't have to fly to Frankfurt this summer to trade the European markets. Eurex has recently introduced new...

Money Shifts to Emerging Markets With Stocks Back Near Record Highs

Stocks inched higher again last week as investors focused on companies that will benefit from the global pandemic easing.

Bears Could Be Targeting the U.S. Dollar Again. Check Out Today’s Technical Analysis

The U.S. Dollar has been stabilizing all year, but now the bears may be returning to their old hunting ground.

This Currency May Be Getting Ready to Jump as the Greenback Weakens: Technical Analysis

The Australian dollar has squeezed into an increasingly tight range all year. Futures traders may want to be ready in case a...

Chinese Stocks Are Crashing. Here’s Why It Could Be Good Luck for U.S. Investors

Most investors know that big Nasdaq stocks have struggled lately. They may be less aware of the carnage in Chinese markets.

Market Pulse: The U.S. Dollar Appears Overbought

The U.S. dollar index has been in a steady downtrend since May. It paused after breaking a short-term trend line on January...
Economic Data, Stock Prices Point to Recovery from Covid Pandemic

Crisis Over? All of a Sudden, the Global Economy Is Looking Better

Energy stocks are rallying. Factories are reopening. Interest rates are rising. All of a sudden, economic data and the stock market are...
Weak U.S. Dollar: Key Points for Stock Market Investors

The U.S. Dollar Is Tanking. Here Are Key Things For Investors to Know

The U.S. dollar has been sliding for months, potentially creating a different kind of market in 2021. Currency moves...
Tesla or General Motors? Check Out This Stunning Chart

6 Reasons Why Last Week’s Pullback Wasn’t All That Bearish

Stocks dipped last week, but there are several reasons why it wasn't terribly bearish. Stocks were overbought.The S&P...
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