Thursday, February 25, 2021
Walmart Tanks as Traders Pivot To Commodity Stocks: Earnings Recap

Walmart Hammered as Covid Boom Fades and Commodities Take Off: Earnings This Week

Walmart cratered this week as investors unloaded stay-at-home stocks and shifted toward commodities. Walmart (WMT) might have generated more...

American Tower: Old Resistance, New Support at Key Line?

American Tower is the largest owner of wireless towers, and the largest member of the real-estate sector. It’s been...

Stunner: Intel Is Outperforming Advanced Micro Devices

Intel or AMD? The question is almost as old as "Coke or Pepsi?" For years, the two have battled...
The Financial ETF Is Attempting a Historic Breakout as Interest Rates Rise

Financial ETF Is Attempting a Historic Breakout as Interest Rates Rise

The SPDR Financial ETF quietly did something historic last week: It closed at the highest price ever. This...
VIX Closes at Post-Covid Low as Investors Gain Confidence in Recovery

Volatility Closes at Post-Covid Low as Confidence Sweeps the Market

The "fear index" just broke 20 for the first time in almost a year. It was one of several milestones suggesting the...
Twitter Leads the S&P 500 on Signs of Major Advertising Gains

Twitter Steals the Show This Week on Signs of Advertising Breakthroughs

Twitter is having its best week in six years as its advertising business finally starts to gain traction. Twitter...

Semiconductor Shortage Squeezes Automakers as Chip Demand Surges Like Never Before

A shortage of semiconductors is sweeping the economy as demand for connectivity surges in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
3-D Printing Stocks Like DDD Are Flying as Demand Surges

Forget About Bitcoin and Tesla. This Forgotten Corner of Technology Is Crushing Both

3-D printing stocks are flying as investors see huge growth for a revolutionary new segment of the technology space.
Tesla Buys $1.5 Billion of Bitcoin, Launching Cryptos to New Highs

Tesla Embraces Bitcoin as Elon Musk Lights Another Fire Under Cryptocurrencies

Elon Musk lit another fire under Bitcoin today, parking $1.5 billion of Tesla's cash in the cryptocurrency. Tesla (TSLA)...
MGM Resorts Leading S&P 500 This Week, Lifted by Economic Optimism

L Brands, MGM Led the S&P 500 This Week as Reopening Optimism Spreads

L Brands and MGM Resorts were the top-performers member of the S&P 500 this week as economic optimism overshadowed strong earnings from...
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