Thursday, May 23, 2024

Chart of the Day: Is This Gold Mining Giant Headed for a Breakout?

Last week, we cited the potential breakout in the SPDR Gold ETF. Today’s chart shows a similar pattern in miner Barrick Gold. First, consider the...

Another Big Inflation Report Is Expected Tomorrow. Here Are Some Futures to Know About

Inflation has done more than just roil the stock market this year. It's also triggering activity across the futures market, covered in today's post. Contracts...

Energy Stocks Aren’t The Only Companies Riding the Inflationary Trend Higher

Inflation is a key theme for investors this year. Aside from lifting energy stocks, it's also boosting a lesser known corner of the market:...

Chart of the Day: Is This Forgotten Agricultural Stock Quietly Breaking Out?

The rise of inflation has investors quietly returning to many commodity-related stocks that were popular 2003-2007. One of them is Bunge. Earlier this month, the...

Silver Attempts a Pre-Fed Breakout: Technical Analysis

Silver has been dead money since the summer as the U.S. dollar ripped higher. But now it’s attempting a breakout -- despite next week’s...

Options Alert: Massive Call Volume Detected in Global Mining Giant

Metal stocks have jumped lately, and one options trader is apparently looking for upside in a key global producer. Check out this unusual activity in...

The Dollar Is Dropping Sharply, Lifting Global Stocks and Commodity Plays

All of a sudden, weak-dollar trades are working. At least 26 foreign-country exchange-traded funds are outperforming the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 so far this year,...

Forgotten Blue Chip Doubles as Recovery Takes Hold. Can You Guess January’s Mystery Stock?

Price inflation has been a major concern since the economy roared back from coronavirus a year ago. While the trend has been difficult for...

The Nuclear Option? Inflation Has Call Buyers Rushing Back to This Uranium Stock

Forget about lumber. Options traders looking to play inflation have rediscovered Cameco, a once-popular uranium miner. Call volume in CCJ totaled 3.6 million contracts in...

Some Inflation Hedging Stocks Are Still Down Big Despite Yesterday’s Hot Price Report

Inflation is a hot topic after consumer prices jumped yesterday. However several companies that could benefit from the trend are still down big. Producers of...
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