Sunday, August 1, 2021

Options Trade Explained: Deciphering the Large Bullish Activity in a Global Oil Giant

Someone is targeting a breakout in oil giant BP with a carefully crafted options strategy. Transactions occurred simultaneously around...

Cloud-Computing vs Crude Oil: Lessons in a Dramatic Chart

One of the biggest events in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average happened last August when replaced Exxon Mobil...

3 Things to Watch This Week as Stocks Keep Rising With Approval from the...

Stocks and commodities are inflating along with the economy as the dollar crashes and the Federal Reserve cheers the rally.

Energy, Materials, Transports: New Companies Are Leading as Inflation Rises

Inflation is a growing concern as the economy surges back from coronavirus. This post will discuss companies that could benefit from the...

The Value Trade Seems to Be Coming Back After a Brief Pause

That huge shift in investor sentiment, growth to value, seems to be resuming as a new month begins. This...

Halliburton Squeezes Toward a Breakout as Oil Rallies: Chart Study

Energy is coming to life again as the economy reopens. Let’s take a look at oil-field service provider Halliburton , which has...

Bulls May Be Coming Back to Energy as Global Economy Reopens

Energy stocks jumped yesterday as inventories tightened and traders looked for demand to increase. The SPDR Energy ETF (XLE)...

Another Healthy Pullback in Energy ETF?

Energy is the strongest sector this year, but is down in the last month. Is it time to buy the pullback?

Trade QQQ? The Nasdaq Just Had its Worst Quarter in a Decade, by This...

The Nasdaq-100 went from an amazing year in 2020 to its worst quarter in a decade, compared with the rest of the...

Chinese Stocks Are Crashing. Here’s Why It Could Be Good Luck for U.S. Investors

Most investors know that big Nasdaq stocks have struggled lately. They may be less aware of the carnage in Chinese markets.
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