Saturday, July 24, 2021

Make Custom Indicators, Modify Strategies: Learn the Basics of TradeStation’s EasyLanguage

EasyLanguage® lets investors build custom indicators and trading strategies in a straightforward and intuitive manner. This video introduces basic concepts and constructs of the EasyLanguage programming language. You will learn basic syntax...

From Apple to Twitter, Several Major Tech Stocks Are Bouncing at This Key Line

Growth stocks have lagged for months as investors focus on "value" trades like energy and financials. But now some major names like Apple and Twitter are bouncing at a key level.

Bullish or Bearish, Growth or Value: This Video Explains How to Keep Up with...

Sentiment often shifts in the stock market as investors assess changes in the economy and business. There are several ways to assess conditions with TradeStation's award-winning platform. This video explains how tools...

You Can Prepare for Earnings Season With These Powerful Tools on TradeStation

Earnings are expected to grow the most in a decade as Wall Street rebounds from last year's pandemic. Are you ready for the flood of quarterly results, which...
Know Your Options Educational Series

Four Key Options Strategies to Know With the Biggest Week of Earnings Season About...

Next week is the biggest week of earnings season. More than one-third of the S&P 500's members announce results, including the biggest companies like Apple. This blog post will...

Do You Like Swing Trading Stocks? You Could Love This Tutorial

Swing trading is a popular stock-market strategy for buying and selling assets in multiday or multiweek trends. Swing traders attempt to buy higher lows in hope of prices making new and higher...

Candlesticks, Pullbacks and Advanced Alerting: This Video Explains Technical Analysis in the Stock Market

0 Candlesticks are one of the most popular charting tools in the stock market. This video helps traders understand patterns like kickers, dojis and hammers. It also...
Charting the Market Educational Series

Here Are 3 Key Tools for Discovering Pullbacks in the Stock Market

"Buy the pullback," is one of the most common ideas in the stock market. But how can you find them? This post will identify some basic principles for...
Using TradeStation Crypto Educational Video

TradeStation Crypto – Using the Order Book and Depth Chart to View Markets Video

Cryptocurrency is topping headlines around the world. You can see the market action live and access multiple sources of liquidity in the TSCrypto trading platform. Watch how to follow the liquidity of...
Guide to Value Investing in the Stock Market: P/E Ratios and More

What Are Value Stocks? Why Are They Suddenly Important?

Value stocks are surging in 2021 as the market positions for the economy to rebound. It's a big change from recent years, when so-called growth stocks like Apple and Facebook dominated.
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