Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Options Traders May Think Carnival Will Keep Sailing Higher

Carnival is the top-performing member of the S&P 500 in June, and one big options trader may think it will keep sailing over the...

Chart of the Day: Carnival Pushes a Key Level

Carnival has been stuck in the doldrums since last summer, but now some traders may think it’s ready to cruise higher. The first pattern on...

Technical Analysis: Amazon.com Could Be Struggling After Uncertain Guidance

Amazon.com may be showing signs of weakness after another post-earnings drop. The first pattern on today’s chart is the rising trendline along the lows of...

Technical Analysis: Will Tesla Shares Drive Higher?

Tesla more than doubled between January and mid-February. It retraced almost half that move last month and is now trying to bounce. Will the...

Is Tesla Overvalued? Check Out These Stunning Comparisons to GM and Ford

Tesla is one of the market's most active companies for stock and options traders. It could also look most expensive by various measures, but is...

Technical Analysis: Pullback in Yum Brands

Yum Brands had a strong rally in late 2022. Now after a pause, the restaurant company may interest pullback buyers. The first pattern on today's...

Chart of the Day: Royal Caribbean May Be Cruising Lower

Royal Caribbean Cruises drifted higher since the summer, but now it may be rolling over. The first pattern on today’s chart is the level around...

Attention Amazon Traders! Check Out This Chart

Amazon.com has declined along with the broader Nasdaq-100. But other consumer-facing companies have fared much better. The chart below compares AMZN with competing retailers. It...

Options Alert: Can DoorDash Keep Delivering for the Bulls?

DoorDash jumped earlier in the week, and one big options trader seems to think the move will continue. Check out this large transaction in the...

Technical Analysis: Hotel Giant Could Be Attempting a Breakout

Marriott has gone essentially nowhere since the pandemic began almost three years ago. But now the hotel giant could be getting ready to move. The...
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