Thursday, July 7, 2022

Options Alert: Is this Airline Headed to a New 52-Week Low?

American Airlines has been losing altitude for the last two months, and now an options trader is looking for new 52-week lows. Check out this transaction in the carrier yesterday afternoon: A block of 9,947 July...

Investors Return to Growth Stocks as a New Quarter Approaches

Investors just pivoted back to growth stocks as inflation worries fade and a new quarter approaches. The S&P 500 jumped 6.4 percent in the holiday-shortened week between Friday, June 17, and Friday, June 20. More...

Bullish or Bearish, Here Are Three Methods for Decoding the Stock Market

2022 has been a difficult year for many investors as technology stocks retreat and inflation surges. Despite the volatility, there have been clear patterns based on company fundamentals and macroeconomic factors. Traders aware of...

Options Alert: Giant Trade Thinks Automaker Is Stuck In Neutral

Traders usually buy options to position for a stock moving, but just the opposite happened in the No. 2 U.S. automaker yesterday. Check out this activity in Ford Motor (F): An investor sold 83,000 29-July 12...

Chart of the Day: This Drug Developer Rallied and Now It’s Pulled Back

United Therapeutics spent more than a year consolidating around its 2015 highs. Now the biotech may be attempting a breakout. Notice the surge to new all-time highs late last month. The rally followed news that...

Takeovers, Approvals, Drug Data: Positive News Grows as Biotechs Hold March 2020 Lows

Biotechnology stocks have pulled back dramatically, but positive news has been growing as the sector tries to stabilize at a historic level. Positive news has emerged on several companies in the industry, including takeovers, regulatory...

Understanding and Managing Sector Risk in Your Portfolio

Investors face many potential risks in the stock market. Today we'll focus on the important issue of sector risk. Sectors are broad categories of companies like technology, health care and financials. Because their businesses are...

Options Traders Are Hedging After FedEx’s Historic Move

Big things are happening at FedEx, and one options trader is hedging against a small pullback. A block of 1,280 June 235 puts were purchased yesterday in the delivery company for $3.99. A matching number...

Chart of the Day: Is This Semiconductor Stock Rolling Over?

Nvidia had a sharp countertrend rally two weeks ago, but now the chip giant may be rolling over. Prices jumped over $183 on May 27. They remained above that level and started making lower highs...

Bulls in the China Shop? Call Buyers Just Piled Into Alibaba

Most stocks have been under pressure lately, but there could be bulls in the China shop. E-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) surged 15 percent to $119.62 despite the S&P 500 sinking more than 1 percent. The...
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