Saturday, April 13, 2024

Chart of the Day: Royal Caribbean May Be Attempting a Breakout

Royal Caribbean Cruises has spent more than two months consolidating, but it may be getting ready to move again. The first pattern on today’s chart is the trendline along the closes of December 28 and...

Troubled Trio? Why These Megacaps Are Faltering in 2024

The stock market is off to a roaring start in 2024, but three former leaders might be left behind. Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA) and Alphabet (GOOGL) have dropped in recent weeks as the S&P 500...

Chart of the Day: Caterpillar Could Be Holding an Uptrend

Caterpillar broke out to new highs a month ago, and now some traders may think an uptrend is in place. The first pattern on today’s chart is the close on January 25. It was slightly...

Chart of the Day: Will Goldman Sachs Get Going?

Goldman Sachs has gone nowhere for two months, but some traders may look for that to change. The first pattern on today’s chart is the $374 level. It was a weekly closing price from January...

Chart of the Day: Can Intel Keep Running?

Intel has been rallying on hopes of a turnaround, and some chart watchers may see potential for more upside. The first pattern on today’s chart is the series of lower highs since December 27. The...

Stocks Pause Near Record Highs Before Inflation, Earnings

Stocks are pulling back as traders wait for key inflation data and the start of earnings season. The S&P 500 fell 1.5 percent in the holiday-shortened period between Friday, December 29, and Friday, January 5....

Understanding and Managing Sector Risk in Your Portfolio

Investors face many potential risks in the stock market. Today we'll focus on the important issue of sector risk. Sectors are broad categories of companies like technology, health care and financials. Because their businesses are...

Chart of the Day: Tight Price Action in Microsoft

Microsoft has paused this month as the Nasdaq-100 climbs to new highs. However, some chart watchers could look for the software giant to come off the sidelines. The first pattern on today’s chart is the...

Chart of the Day: Potential Uptrend in DraftKings

DraftKings spent four months digesting a strong first half. Now after a rally and pullback, traders may see more upside in the sports-betting stock. The first pattern on today's chart is the August peak of...

Chart of the Day: More Downside in Energy ETF?

Energy was the only the only major sector to fall last month. Is there more downside risk? The first pattern on today's chart of the SPDR Select Sector Energy Fund is the November 6 close...
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