Friday, September 24, 2021

Small Caps Are Struggling: Check Out This Technical Analysis

The S&P 500 keeps hitting new highs, but the Russell 2000 small cap index hasn’t been so fortunate. RUT...

Consumer Stocks Get a Boost from Amazon Prime Day, Plus Reopening and the Start...

Amazon Prime Day set records again this month, and more companies than just could benefit. Sales were estimated...

This Major Index Is Breaking Out as Value Stocks Pause: Chart Study

Value stocks and reopening plays have been the main themes in 2021, but now the bulls seem to be returning to Big...

Ethereum Shakes Off Bitcoin Crash as Investors Focus on Positives in July

Cryptocurrencies fell last month as investors dumped Bitcoin. But now attention could be shifting to Ethereum as a greener alternative.

Small Caps Are Outperforming Again: Technical Analysis

QQQ vs IWM? In some ways, it’s the big debate of 2021. Will traders stick with megacap growth stocks, or ride fast-moving...

Junior Nasdaq Beating QQQ Again as Low Volatility Draws Risk Takers Away From Apple

Big-cap technology stocks like Apple are lagging again, even as investors start buying smaller companies on the Nasdaq. The...

The Nasdaq Bounced Last Week as Reopening Stocks Faded

Nasdaq stocks bounced last week as investors shifted away from reopening plays like energy. The Nasdaq-100 rose 0.1 percent...

May Is Bringing a Wave of Good News About the Coronavirus Pandemic

From falling cases to fewer social restrictions, there's all kinds of good news about coronavirus this month. While the...

Stocks Crash as Inflation Runs Hot. Has Powell Lost Control?

For months, Jerome Powell told investors not to worry about inflation. Today they started doubting his advice. The Bureau...
QQQ Traders Beware: Money Is Going to These Other Parts of the Market

Stocks Fell Yesterday, But Did Something Incredibly Bullish By This Measure

Stocks just accomplished something very bullish, despite having their worst day in almost two months. At least 220 members...
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