Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tesla Causes QQQ’s Worst Showing in a Generation: This Chart Shows the Dramatic Shift...

The rotation away from large Nasdaq stocks like Tesla has intensified, resulting in the market's biggest divergence since the dotcom bubble broke...

Industrial Stocks Are Breaking Out as the Economy Roars Back from Coronavirus

Industrial stocks are breaking out as the strengthening economy draws capital away from large technology stocks like Apple and Amazon.com.
Guide to Value Investing in the Stock Market: P/E Ratios and More

What Are Value Stocks? Why Are They Suddenly Important?

Value stocks are surging in 2021 as the market positions for the economy to rebound. It's a big change from recent years,...

The S&P 500’s Channel Is at Risk: Chart Study

Two weeks ago, we highlighted some potential topping patterns on the S&P 500 . It's played out as expected, and now attention...

Tesla Is Lagging as ‘Old Economy’ Stocks Make a Comeback

Tesla is probably the most prominent stock in the last 12-18 months, surging about 2,000 percent from its peak to trough. But...
The Financial ETF Is Attempting a Historic Breakout as Interest Rates Rise

Financial ETF Is Attempting a Historic Breakout as Interest Rates Rise

The SPDR Financial ETF quietly did something historic last week: It closed at the highest price ever. This...
VIX Closes at Post-Covid Low as Investors Gain Confidence in Recovery

Volatility Closes at Post-Covid Low as Confidence Sweeps the Market

The "fear index" just broke 20 for the first time in almost a year. It was one of several milestones suggesting the...
QQQ Lags After FANG Earnings. Here's Where Money Is Shifting Now

QQQ Is Lagging After FANG Earnings. Here’s Where Money Is Shifting Now

In December, Market Insights noted how money was shifting away from large, well-known companies to smaller and less-known companies.

Facebook Crashes as Energy Soars: This Chart Shows the Massive Rotation Happening in the...

Stocks have barely moved this week. You almost wouldn't guess how much drama is swirling beneath the surface. Major...

Market Pulse: Homebuilder ETF: Oh Breakout, Where Art Thou?

Homebuilders were one of the strongest industries early in the pandemic as city dwellers headed to the suburbs. While the social trend...
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