Monday, June 14, 2021

Stocks Crash as Inflation Runs Hot. Has Powell Lost Control?

For months, Jerome Powell told investors not to worry about inflation. Today they started doubting his advice. The Bureau...
QQQ Traders Beware: Money Is Going to These Other Parts of the Market

Stocks Fell Yesterday, But Did Something Incredibly Bullish By This Measure

Stocks just accomplished something very bullish, despite having their worst day in almost two months. At least 220 members...

This Currency May Be Getting Ready to Jump as the Greenback Weakens: Technical Analysis

The Australian dollar has squeezed into an increasingly tight range all year. Futures traders may want to be ready in case a...

This Important Candlestick Pattern Just Appeared on the S&P 500: Chart Study

The S&P 500 just finished its third straight winning month. Now there could be signs of weakening as May begins.

The Federal Reserve Meets Next Week. Is a Squeeze Coming in Silver Prices?

Silver made a violent move last summer when it broke a six-year resistance level. Prices have consolidated since but now the bulls...

Gold Miner ETF May Be Hitting a Bearish Trend Line

Gold miners are one of the worst-performing corners of the market this year. They've bounced recently, creating a potential opportunity for the...

Small Cap Index Is Holding a Potentially Key Level: Chart Study

The Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) had a strong move coming out of the vaccine news in November. It’s been consolidating for the...
What Are the Top Semiconductor Stocks for Options Trading?

Semiconductors Are Breaking Out. Here Are the Top Stocks For Options Traders

Semiconductor stocks are breaking out amid a global shortage of microchips. Let's take a closer look at an industry that's crushing the...

Trade QQQ? The Nasdaq Just Had its Worst Quarter in a Decade, by This...

The Nasdaq-100 went from an amazing year in 2020 to its worst quarter in a decade, compared with the rest of the...
Bitcoin Regains Trillion Dollar Status as ETF Hopes Keep Growing

Bitcoin Regains Trillion Dollar Status as the ETF Story Keeps Developing

A Bitcoin ETF. It hasn't happened yet, but the story won't go away. Grayscale Investments announced yesterday it wants...
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