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Market Data

Market Data

Know where the market is before anyone else

TradeStation's unmatched degree of speed and reliability of data transmission ensure that you know where the market is before others do.

Avoid back-testing and trading pitfalls caused by bad ticks

TradeStation's data is among the cleanest in the industry, allowing you to make your trading decisions with confidence. TradeStation understands the extreme importance of having clean, accurate data on which to base your trading decisions. TradeStation's superior data accuracy is maintained by using automated filtering mechanisms to catch three primary sources - as a first layer of defense, erroneous data is caught in real-time by our automated filtering mechanisms. As a second layer of defense, data is corrected in real-time by the financial exchanges themselves. And as a third layer of defense, data is manually maintained in-house by using an expert team of market data professionals.

Don't miss a trading opportunity

TradeStation's ConnectionGuard™ technology helps to ensure data accuracy even in cases in which when your Internet connectivity is temporarily lost, so that you don't miss potentially valuable trading opportunities.

Connect from anywhere

You can use TradeStation from anywhere in the world. If you're able to connect to the Internet, then you're able to connect to TradeStation.

Test your strategies across all market cycles

TradeStation's historical database is the envy of all financial data providers. By offering years and years and even decades of intraday and daily data - along with extensive amounts of tick data, - TradeStation allows you to back-test your strategies to a degree that's simply unheard of elsewhere.

Market Data Graph

Historical Market Data

Daily Intraday Tick
*TradeStation provides increased amounts of daily history for certain major indices such as Dow 30 (90+ years) and S&P 500
(51+ years).
US Stocks & ETFs 43+ Years 20+ Years 6 Months
US Stock Options,
Index Options, &
Futures Options
Entire Contract Life
US Futures 61+ Years 27+ Years
US Indices 40+ Years* 27+ Years
German Stocks 11+ Years 11+ Years
Eurex Stocks 12+ Years 12+ Years
German Indices 12+ Years 12+ Years
Forex 40+ Years 8+ Years

Test your futures strategies across years of futures data using TradeStation's Custom Continuous Futures Contracts

You choose when and how your continuous futures contracts roll from one month to the next, and TradeStation does all of the work. You can use TradeStation's automatic continuous contracts, or you can choose the specific months to include in the continuous contract, the data series on which to base the continuous data, the rollover trigger event, and the back adjustment method. All of these allow you to view the market and run your back testing differently to help you find what works best for you.

Gain access to exclusive market indices unavailable elsewhere

Many of TradeStation's real-time market indices are unavailable elsewhere and can provide you with a unique perspective on the market. TradeStation provides hundreds of real-time market indices that are tailored to various specific markets. For example, TradeStation provides numerous market data indices tailored to certain futures such as the full and mini sized S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Dow 30, and Russell 2000.

Experience the most detailed market depth coverage in the industry

TradeStation combines market depth from several active sources, including NASDAQ Level II, NASDAQ TotalView, NASDAQ OpenView, BATS, Direct Edge (EDGA and EDGX), and ARCA to provide best-in-class market depth coverage, thereby making you aware of liquidity that may be unseen outside of TradeStation.

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