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Make smarter trading decisions

Analyze stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and crypto markets with a subscription to our award-winning desktop trading platform.

At its core, trading is about gathering the right information, making decisions, and executing a clearly defined trading plan.

TradeStation Analytics gives you access to the tools you need to define your trading strategy.


Find trading opportunities in real-time


Know when to get into and out of trades

OptionStation® Pro

Take some of the guesswork out of trading options


Easily design, create, test and automate custom indicators and strategies

Portfolio Maestro®

Portfolio level back testing

TradeStation Scanner

Use custom criteria to scan the market to find trade opportunities

Choosing the right trading software

Choosing the right trading software is a critical component of becoming a better trader. This is why TradeStation has spent the last three decades developing and refining a full suite of trading tools to help traders maximize their trading opportunities and manage their risk.

Discover hidden opportunities

Unique to TradeStation, the Matrix combines the benefits of a highly detailed market depth window and order-tracking system in a single window.

You’ll be able to see the overall level and breadth of open orders in real-time to see where potentially profitable orders are lurking on the buy and sell sides – the key to getting in and out of trades successfully.

Master Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Monitor and rank up to 1,000 symbols in real-time, based on more than 180 technical and fundamental indicators with RadarScreen®. This market monitoring tool also lets you add your own custom criteria.

RadarScreen® is your up-to-date source for trade ideas throughout the trading day.

Optimize your options strategy

A great choice for options traders. OptionStation® Pro is a complete options analysis system that simplifies options analysis, allowing you to build, evaluate, and track virtually any position.

  • Interactive position graphs
  • Integrated probability cones
  • Drag-and-drop position management

Get access to premium market data

Get real-time market data with speed, accuracy, and reliability, alerting you to market shifts as they occur.

You’ll receive real-time data from the major U.S. exchanges, as well as the ability to manually import your own local and proprietary market data.

Trade like a pro with advanced charting

Smart, intuitive, and highly customizable, TradeStation Charting allows you to build charts on any time frame or market activity, like trading volume. Or create custom price-based charts with visual and audio alerts to ensure you never miss a potential trade.

Create your own indicators and strategies

Only TradeStation offers EasyLanguage® – our proprietary technology that enables any trader to back-test strategies against our massive historical database. And you don’t have to be a computer whiz to do it – EasyLanguage is designed for traders, not programmers.

Test your trading strategies before you trade

Our simulated trading account allows you to test your strategies in real-time – without risking your capital.

You also have access to one of the industry’s largest historical market databases, allowing you to back-test your stock, options, and futures trading strategies on decades of historical market data.

Even more reasons to love TradeStation Analytics

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TradeStation analytical tools support education and training designed to help you continually improve your trading skills.

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