TradeStation Securities, Inc.

Advantages of Trading Options

  • Gain leverage. Acquiring the rights to 100 shares of stock through an option typically costs less than purchasing the underlying stock.
  • Manage risk. While many options strategies have high risk, certain options may be less risky than equities. In many options strategies your risk can be paid up-front and you can manage risk to suit your tolerance.
  • Hedge Stock Positions. Use options to hedge stock positions to manage risk.
  • Flexibility. There are ways to profit from options strategies whether your outlook is bullish, bearish, or flat.
  • Income Generation Opportunities. Use certain options to make additional income on your stock investment.

TradeStation’s price per contract vs competitors*

TS GO** TS SELECT** Ameritrade Fidelity Charles Schwab ETrade IBKR Lite
$.50 $.60 $.65 $.65 $.65 $.65 $.75


Updated 11/18/2019