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You don’t have to risk a single dollar with our trading simulator — try out new ideas and advanced strategies using simulated virtual currency. Choose between real-time or back-testing tactics with one of the industry’s largest historical market databases.

Real-time data

Your simulated trading account includes data entitlements, so it looks (and feels) just like live trading.

Zero risk

You don’t have to be an investment expert. Use our free trading simulator to practice buying and selling without the risk of losing any capital.

Unlimited paper trading dollars

Add as many simulated dollars to your simulated account as you want.


Back-test stock, options, and futures trading strategies by engaging with decades of historical market data. TradeStation has one of the largest such databases in the industry!

Unlimited learning potential with paper trading

Simulated trading — originally called paper trading, as trade simulations were done on paper — allows users to test new markets, trading tools, and trading styles.

  • Back-test trading strategies
  • Hit the reset button to try something new
  • Real-time market data
  • Limitless simulated dollars

Simulated trading isn’t just for beginners

Even experienced traders can take advantage of trade simulations to try out more advanced tactics without the risk of losing capital on an untested market move.

  • Strategy automation
  • Advanced orders
  • Alternate market types

Try our futures and options trading simulator

Our simulated trading accounts don’t just give you access to trade stocks. You can try your hand at various investment strategies, whether you’re looking for real-time simulations or historical performance.

  • Options trading
  • Futures trading

Find new opportunities with indicator studies

Our free trading simulator allows you to apply indicator studies to your charts, helping you find opportunities with strong potential. Plus, you’ll gain invaluable experience analyzing trends from both current and past market conditions.

  • Trend indicators
  • Momentum indicators
  • Relative strength indicators
  • Mean reversion indicators

Gain market experience without the risk

Simulated trading can help novices and experts alike hone their strategies. You can access TradeStation’s trading simulator on desktop, web, and mobile devices, so you can try out a new idea as soon as it comes to mind. Open an account today to start leveling up your skills.

Want to learn more about paper trading?

If you’re looking for other ways to continue your trading education, be sure to check out TradeStation’s helpful resources and insights.

Paper Trading: look Before You Leap

Important Information

*Although TradeStation’s trading simulator uses simulated currency, it is only available to customers who have funded their TradeStation brokerage account.