Reuters Fundamental Data
Reuters is a widely recognized provider of financial market data and is used by major institutions, news publications, and media worldwide. This market data package provides Reuters’ fundamental data, which includes nearly 1000 company-specific financials for thousands of US-based companies. This fundamental data contain the following elements:

  • 20 years of history for nearly 500 company-specific financials from the quarterly income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow are provided. Examples of some of these fields are as follows: Total Revenue, Operating Income, Net Income, Earnings Per Share, Total Current Assets, Total Current Liabilities, Capital Expenditures, and Net Cash.
  • Snapshot data (i.e. the most recent set of data) for nearly 500 other company-specific financials, including PE ratios, Market Capitalization, Book Value, Cash Flow per Share, Price to Sales Ratios, and many others.

All of Reuters’ fundamental data is able to be used to analyze the markets and to create and back-test strategies in TradeStation through EasyLanguage.