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Learn how to use TradeStation’s trading platforms

Take a quick tour of TradeStation’s powerful trading platforms and discover what valuable features and benefits await you.

TradeStation Mobile

Tap into stocks, options, and futures trading while on the move with TradeStation’s mobile apps.

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TradeStation Web

Connect to the stock, options, and futures markets from your browser with TradeStation Web Trading.

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TradeStation Desktop

Trade stocks, options, and futures with TradeStation’s full-featured desktop platform.

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OptionStation Pro

Load option chains, graph risk/reward, and create spread strategies with OptionStation Pro.

Futures Plus

Leverage robust futures options and futures tools with TradeStation FuturesPlus.

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Learn how to manage your accounts

TradeStation makes it a snap to manage your accounts and access your important information.

Equities Account Management

Learn the essentials and find answers to popular equities account questions here.

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Futures Account Management

Learn the essentials and find answers to popular futures account questions here.

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Continue your options journey with our powerful platforms and comprehensive resources

Our platforms

Trade your way with TradeStation's suite of powerful platforms. Our award-winning* desktop software, user-friendly web platform, and on-the-go mobile app offer seamless access to the markets. Plus, OptionStation® Pro, our advanced options platform, is designed to help you navigate options trading with confidence.

Options Education Center

Access webinars, tutorials, and resources designed to help you refine your strategies, manage risk, and seize opportunities in the market. Benefit from educational content suitable for traders of all options trading levels.