Russell Indices
These indices are provided by Russell Investments, a leading provider of market index data, and consist of the following:
Description Symbol
Russell 1000 Equal Weight $R1ELC
Russ 1000 Consumer Disc $R1RGSCD
Russ 1000 Consmr Staples $R1RGSCS
Russ 1000 Energy $R1RGSENG
Russ 1000 Fin’l Srv $R1RGSFS
Russ 1000 Health Care $R1RGSHC
Russ 1000 Mat & Processing $R1RGSMP
Russell 1000 Prod Durables $R1RGSPD
Russell 1000 RGS Retail $R1RGSRET
Russell 1000 Technology $R1RGSTEC
Russell 1000 Utilities $R1RGSUT
Russell 2500 $R25I
Russ 2500 Grwth $R25IG
Russ 2500 Value $R25IV
Russell 2000 Equal Weight $R2ESC
Russ 2000 Consmr Disc $R2RGSCD
Russell 2000 Consmr Stpls $R2RGSCS
Russell 2000 RGS Energy $R2RGSENG
Russell 2000 RGS Financial Srv $R2RGSFS
Russell 2000 RGS Health Care $R2RGSHC
Russell 2000 RGS Mtrls & Procs $R2RGSMP
Russell 2000 RGS Prod Durables $R2RGSPD
Russell 2000 RGS Technology $R2RGSTEC
Russell 2000 RGS Utilities $R2RGSUT
Russ 3000 Grwth $RAG
Russell Asia Pac exJP LrgCap $RAPJLUSD
Russell Asia Pac exJP MidCap $RAPJMUSD
Russell Asia Pac exJP SmCap $RAPJSUSD
Russell Asia Pacific ex-Japan $RAPJUSD
Russell Asia Pacific Large Cap $RASPLUSD
Russell Asia Pacific Mid Cap $RASPMUSD
Russell Asia Pacific Small Cap $RASPSUSD
Russell Asia Pacific $RASPUSD
Russell 3000 Value $RAV
Russell Asia ex-Japan LrgCap $RAXJLUSD
Russell Asia ex-Japan MidCap $RAXJMUSD
Russell Asia ex-Japan SmCap $RAXJSUSD
Russell Asia ex-Japan $RAXJUSD
Russell Bric Equal Wght Idx $RBEAC
Russell Greater China Growth $RCNGGUSD
Russell Greater China LrgCap G $RCNGLGUSD
Russell Greater China LrgCap $RCNGLUSD
Russell Greater China LrgCap V $RCNGLVUSD
Russell Greater China SmCap Gr $RCNGSGUSD
Russell Greater China SmCap $RCNGSUSD
Russell Greater China SmCap Va $RCNGSVUSD
Russell Greater China $RCNGUSD
Russell Greater China Value $RCNGVUSD
Russell Dev Europe LrgCap $RDEULUSD
Russell Dev Europe MidCap $RDEUMUSD
Russell Dev Europe SmCap $RDEUSUSD
Russell Developed Europe $RDEUUSD
Russell Developed LC Growth $RDEVLGUSD
Russell Developed LC $RDEVLUSD
Russell Developed LC Value $RDEVLVUSD
Russell Developed MC $RDEVMUSD
Russell Developed SC Growth $RDEVSGUSD
Russell Developed SC $RDEVSUSD
Russell Developed SC Value $RDEVSVUSD
Russell Developed $RDEVUSD
Russell Dev Europe exUK LrgCap $RDEXLUSD
Russell Dev Europe exUK MidCap $RDEXMUSD
Russell Dev Europe exUK SmCap $RDEXSUSD
Russell Dev Europe exUK $RDEXUSD
Russell Dev Pac Bas LrgCap $RDPBLUSD
Russell Dev Pac Bas MidCap $RDPBMUSD
Russell Dev Pac Bas SmCap $RDPBSUSD
Russell Developed Pac Bas $RDPBUSD
Russell Dev Pac Bas xJP LrgCap $RDPJLUSD
Russell Dev Pac Bas xJP MidCap $RDPJMUSD
Russell Dev Pac Bas exJP SmCap $RDPJSUSD
Russell Dev Pac Bas exJapan $RDPJUSD
Russell Developed ex-Japan LC $RDXJLUSD
Russell Developed ex-Japan MC $RDXJMUSD
Russell Developed ex-Japan SC $RDXJSUSD
Russell Developed ex-Japan $RDXJUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA LC Gro $RDXNLGUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA LC $RDXNLUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA LC Val $RDXNLVUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA MC $RDXNMUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA SC Gro $RDXNSGUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA SC $RDXNSUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA SC Val $RDXNSVUSD
Russell Developed ex-NA $RDXNUSD
Russell Developed ex-US LC $RDXULUSD
Russell Developed ex-US MC $RDXUMUSD
Russell Developed ex-US SC $RDXUSUSD
Russell Developed ex-US $RDXUUSD
Russell Emerging Asia LrgCap $REASLUSD
Russell Emerging Asia MidCap $REASMUSD
Russell Emerging Asia SmCap $REASSUSD
Russell Emerging Asia $REASUSD
Russell Emrg Eur Growth $REEUGUSD
Russell Emrg Eur LrgCap Grth $REEULGUSD
Russell Emrg Eur LrgCap $REEULUSD
Russell Emrg Eur LrgCap Val $REEULVUSD
Russell Emrg Eur MidCap Grth $REEUMGUSD
Russell Emrg Eur MidCap $REEUMUSD
Russell Emrg Eur MidCap Val $REEUMVUSD
Russell Emrg Eur SmCap Grth $REEUSGUSD
Russell Emrg Eur SmCap $REEUSUSD
Russell Emrg Eur SmCap Val $REEUSVUSD
Russell Emerging Europe $REEUUSD
Russell Emrg Eur Value $REEUVUSD
Russell Emerging EMEA $REMAUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts Growth $REMMGUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts LC Grwth $REMMLGUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts LC $REMMLUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts LC Value $REMMLVUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts MC Grwth $REMMMGUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts MC $REMMMUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts MC Value $REMMMVUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts SC Grwth $REMMSGUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts SC $REMMSUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts SC Value $REMMSVUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts $REMMUSD
Russell Emerging Mkts Value $REMMVUSD
Russell Europe Large Cap $REURLUSD
Russell Europe Mid Cap $REURMUSD
Russell Europe Small Cap $REURSUSD
Russell Europe $REURUSD
Russell Dev Euro Zone LrgCap $REUZLUSD
Russell Dev Euro Zone MidCap $REUZMUSD
Russell Dev Euro Zone SmCap $REUZSUSD
Russell Europe exUK LrgCap $REXULUSD
Russell Europe exUK MidCap $REXUMUSD
Russell Europe exUK SmCap $REXUSUSD
Russell Europe exUK $REXUUSD
Russell Greater China LargeCap $RGELC
Russell Global Eurozone LC $RGEZLUSD
Russell Global Eurozone MC $RGEZMUSD
Russell Global Eurozone SC $RGEZSUSD
Russell Global Growth Index $RGGUSD
Russell Global Index $RGIUSD
Russell Global LC Growth $RGLGUSD
Russell Global Consumer Discre $RGLODUSD
Russell Global Energy $RGLOEUSD
Russell Global Financial Serv $RGLOFUSD
Russell Global Health Care $RGLOHUSD
Russell Global Materials Proc $RGLOMUSD
Russell Global Producer Durabl $RGLOPUSD
Russell Global Consumer Staple $RGLOSUSD
Russell Global Technology $RGLOTUSD
Russell Global Utilities $RGLOUUSD
Russell Global Large Cap Index $RGLUSD
Russell Global LC Value $RGLVUSD
Russell Global MC $RGMUSD
Russell Global SC Growth $RGSGUSD
Russell Global Small Cap Index $RGSUSD
Russell Global SC Value $RGSVUSD
Russell Global exUS exJap LC $RGUJLUSD
Russell Global exUS exJap MC $RGUJMUSD
Russell Global exUS exJap SC $RGUJSUSD
Russell Global exUS exJapan $RGUJUSD
Russell Global Value Index $RGVUSD
Russell Global exAUS LC $RGXALUSD
Russell Global exAUS MC $RGXAMUSD
Russell Global exAUS SC $RGXASUSD
Russell Global exAUS $RGXAUSD
Russell Global ex-CA LC $RGXCLUSD
Russell Global ex-CA MC $RGXCMUSD
Russell Global ex-CA SC $RGXCSUSD
Russell Global ex-CA $RGXCUSD
Russell Global ex-Japan LC $RGXJLUSD
Russell Global ex-Japan MC $RGXJMUSD
Russell Global ex-Japan SC $RGXJSUSD
Russell Global ex-Japan $RGXJUSD
Russell Global ex-UK LC $RGXKLUSD
Russell Global ex-UK MC $RGXKMUSD
Russell Global ex-UK SC $RGXKSUSD
Russell Global ex-UK $RGXKUSD
Russell Global ex-NA LC Growth $RGXNLGUSD
Russell Global ex-NA LC $RGXNLUSD
Russell Global ex-NA LC Value $RGXNLVUSD
Russell Global ex-NA MC $RGXNMUSD
Russell Global ex-NA SC $RGXNSUSD
Russell Global ex-NA $RGXNUSD
Russell Global ex-US Growth $RGXUGUSD
Russell Global ex-US Lrg Cap G $RGXULGUSD
Russell Global ex-US Large Cap $RGXULUSD
Russell Global ex-US Lrg Cap V $RGXULVUSD
Russell Global ex-US MC $RGXUMUSD
Russell Global ex-US SmllCap G $RGXUSGUSD
Russell Global ex-US Small Cap $RGXUSUSD
Russell Global ex-US SmllCap V $RGXUSVUSD
Russell Global ex-US $RGXUUSD
Russell Global ex-US Value $RGXUVUSD
Russell-IdealRt Islamic Dev $RJSDUSD
Russell-IdealRt Islam Emrg Mk $RJSEUSD
Russell-IdealRt Islam Global $RJSGUSD
Russell 1000 Growth Index $RLG
Russell 1000 Value Index $RLV
Russell Midcap Index $RMCC
Russell Midcap Growth Index $RMCCG
Russell Midcap Value Index $RMCCV
Russell Midcap Equal Weight $RMEMC
Russell/Nomura PRIME Index $RNPRIME
Russell/Nomura Small Cap Index $RNSMALL
Russell Small Cap Completeness $RSCC
Russell Small Cap Complete Grw $RSCCG
Russell Small Cap Complete Val $RSCCV
Russell Top 200 Index $RT200
Russell Top 200 Growth Index $RT200G
Russell Top 200 Value Index $RT200V
Russell Top 50 Index $RU50
Russell 3000 Index $RUA
Russell 1000 Index $RUI
Russell 1000 Mini Index $RUIMINI
Russell 2000 Value Index $RUJ
Russell Microcap Index $RUMIC
Russell 2000 Growth Index $RUO
Russell 2000 Index $RUT
Russell 2000 Mini Index $RUTMINI