Foreign Exchange (Forex)
The Forex market data package includes bid and ask data for the cross rates of many of the most widely traded international currencies. The list of Forex currency pairs that are available in TradeStation is as follows:
Description Symbol
Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar AUDCAD
Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc AUDCHF
Australian Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar AUDHKD
Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen AUDJPY
Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar AUDNZD
Australian Dollar / US Dollar AUDUSD
Brazilian Real / Japanese Yen BRLJPY
Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc CADCHF
Canadian Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar CADHKD
Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen CADJPY
Canadian Dollar / Singapore Dollar CADSGD
Chinese Yuan / Japanese Yen CNYJPY
Swiss Franc / Hong Kong Dollar CHFHKD
Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen CHFJPY
Swiss Franc / South African Rand CHFZAR
Euro / Australian Dollar EURAUD
Euro / Canadian Dollar EURCAD
Euro / Swiss Franc EURCHF
Euro / Czech Koruna EURCZK
Euro / Danish Krone EURDKK
Euro / British Pound EURGBP
Euro / Hong Kong Dollar EURHKD
Euro / Hungarian Forint EURHUF
Euro / Japanese Yen EURJPY
Euro / Norwegian Krone EURNOK
Euro / New Zealand Dollar EURNZD
Euro / Polish Zloty EURPLN
Euro / Swedish Krona EURSEK
Euro / Singapore Dollar EURSGD
Euro / Turkish Lira EURTRY
Euro / US Dollar EURUSD
Euro / South African Rand EURZAR
British Pound / Australian Dollar GBPAUD
British Pound / Canadian Dollar GBPCAD
British Pound / Swiss Franc GBPCHF
British Pound / Hong Kong Dollar GBPHKD
British Pound / Japanese Yen GBPJPY
British Pound / New Zealand Dollar GBPNZD
British Pound / Polish Zloty GBPPLN
British Pound / Singapore Dollar GBPSGD
British Pound / US Dollar GBPUSD
British Pound / South African Rand GBPZAR
Hong Kong Dollar / Japanese Yen HKDJPY
Mexican Peso / Japanese Yen MXNJPY
New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc NZDCHF
New Zealand Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar NZDHKD
New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen NZDJPY
New Zealand Dollar / Singapore Dollar NZDSGD
New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar NZDUSD
Singapore Dollar / Swiss Franc SGDCHF
Singapore Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar SGDHKD
Singapore Dollar / Japanese Yen SGDJPY
Turkish Lira / Japanese Yen TRYJPY
US Dollar / Canadian Dollar USDCAD
US Dollar / Swiss Franc USDCHF
US Dollar / Chinese Yuan USDCNH
US Dollar / Czech Koruna USDCZK
US Dollar / Danish Krone USDDKK
US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar USDHKD
US Dollar / Hungarian Forint USDHUF
US Dollar / Japanese Yen USDJPY
US Dollar / Mexican Peso USDMXN
US Dollar / Norwegian Krone USDNOK
US Dollar / Polish Zloty USDPLN
US Dollar / Saudi Arabian Riyal USDSAR
US Dollar / Swedish Krona USDSEK
US Dollar / Singapore Dollar USDSGD
US Dollar / Thai Baht USDTHB
US Dollar / Turkish Lira USDTRY
US Dollar / South Africa Rand USDZAR
South African Rand / Japanese Yen ZARJPY