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All Accounts
Service Fee
Return Mail Fee $5 per item
Stale Dated 180 Days Void Check Fee for Un-cashed Check $50.00
Crypto Withdrawal Fees
Coin Fee
BTC .000075 BTC

Fees effective starting June 27, 2022.

Equities Accounts
Service Fee
Clearing and Carrying Negotiated††
T-Bills $50
Fixed Income Trades (including T-Notes and Bonds) $14.95 + $5 per Bond or Note
Hardcopy Statement/Confirmation Postage & Handling Fee $1 per page
Transfer and Ship (Physical Certificate) $500 per certificate + overnight fee
Physical Certificate Deposit $500 per certificate
DWAC Transactions $150 per settled transaction
DRS Transfers (Book Entry Held at the Agent) $25 per issue (incoming or outgoing)
DRS Transfer Reject $100
DTC Free Receive or Deliver $25 per issue
Receiving Wires $0
Sending Wires – Equities Account $25
Sending Wires – International Account $35
Outgoing Account Transfer $125
Overnight Delivery $25
International Overnight Delivery $45
Restricted Security Processing Fee $500 per issue
Returned Check $25
Returned ACH $25
Legal Transfers $50 per issue
Options Exercise/Assignment $14.95
Early Assignment/Early Exercises $1.50 per contract ($5.95 min)
Voluntary Tenders $50
Voluntary Unit Conversion $50
Mandatory Corporate Actions $30
Maturities, Redemptions, Calls $20
Margin/Risk Liquidation $75
Broker Assisted Trade $25
Mutual Funds Trade $14.95  per transaction
Option Liquidation $75
Limited Partnership/Non-Standard Asset Re-registration Fee $150 per issue
Limited Partnership/Non-Standard Asset Custody Fee $100 per issue
Stop Payment Fee $25
Short Debit Fees Fees Vary
Non-transferable and/or Worthless Security $25 per CUSIP per year
Inactivity Fee $10 per month
(FREE if account meets minimum activity)
Account Service Fee FREE for TS SELECT Pricing Plans, and per-trade plans (funded on or after 3/3/2017).
$149.95 per month* for per-share, per-trade plans (funded prior to 3/3/2017), unbundled plans (FREE if account meets minimum activity)

††Contact an Institutional Relationship Manager at 954-652-7945 for more information on these services and applicable fees.

Futures Accounts
Service Fee
T-Bills $50
Hardcopy Per-Trade Confirmation Postage & Handling Fee $1 per copy
External Transfer $25
Receiving Wires $0
Sending Wires from a Futures Account $25
Sending Wires from an International Futures Account $35
Deliveries $150 per contract + any applicable delivery costs and
exchange fees
Futures Returned Check $25
Returned ACH $25
Delivery Liquidation $75
Margin/Risk Liquidation $75
Broker Assisted Trade $25
Exercise/Assignment/Expiration $1.50 per contract + any applicable exchange and regulatory fees.
Inactivity Fee $10 per month
(FREE if account meets minimum activity)
Account Service Fee FREE for TS SELECT Pricing Plans, and per-trade plans (funded
on or after 3/3/2017).
$149.95 per month* for
multi-tiered and per-trade plans (funded prior to 3/3/2017) (FREE if account
meets minimum activity)
TradeStation IRA
IRA Administration Fees
Administration Fee $35 per year
Account Termination Fee $50 
Administration Fee $100 per year
Futures IRA See Fee Schedule With Futures IRA Application
TradeStation Platform Features With TS GO, TS SELECT, $5 Per-Trade Equities or $1.50 Single-Tier Futures Brokerage Account Brokerage Accounts on other Equities or Futures Commission Plans Without Brokerage Account**

TradeStation platform (base version)

(if account meets minimum activity)
$149.95 / month* (if not)
$99.99 / month
$199.99 for professionals

RadarScreen®– Real-time market monitoring tool


Portfolio Maestro® – Portfolio-level strategy back-testing tool

FREE FREE $59.95 / month

OptionStation® Pro – Options analysis platform

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