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TradeStation IRAs provide access to a variety of asset classes to actively invest your retirement savings.


Explore full-size and micro futures contracts*


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Trade or hold crypto in your IRA*

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All About IRAs

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Now you can trade crypto in your IRA

Trade or hold crypto in your IRA.

Choose the retirement account that suits your needs

TradeStation offers a variety of self-directed individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) designed to help you take control of your retirement portfolio.

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA

Why open an IRA at TradeStation?

Take Control of Retirement

Take Control of Your Retirement

TradeStation’s Traditional and Roth IRAs allow you to actively invest your retirement savings. This means you can choose how you want to maximize your retirement portfolio.

Trade Across Asset Classes

At TradeStation, we believe in empowering individuals to claim their financial edge. We offer a full suite of powerful trading and analysis tools and services to help you meet your financial goals.

An all-in-one IRA solution

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Get Answers to Common IRA Questions

What is an IRA?

An individual retirement arrangement (IRA) is a way to save money for retirement with certain tax advantages.

Can I have more than one IRA?

Yes – there is no limit on the number of IRAs you can own. Maintaining multiple IRAs may offer certain benefits, such as the ability to diversify your retirement savings or channel certain portions of your savings to specific beneficiaries such as heirs or charities.

What types of IRA accounts does TradeStation offer?

TradeStation offers four types of IRAs: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, and SIMPLE IRA.

Important Information

*Fees and charges may apply. Visit the Pricing page to learn more about all the fees and charges that may apply.

TradeStation does not offer tax or legal advice; customers should consult their tax professional before making a decision.

Any potential tax advantages or benefits will depend on your circumstances. The information provided here is for information purposes only. It is not intended to constitute tax advice that may be relied upon to avoid penalties under any federal, state, local, or other tax statutes or regulations and does not resolve any tax issues in your favor. Refer to IRS Publication 590-A and IRS Publication 590-B regarding Contributions to and Distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts for additional information. Consult your tax professional about your individual tax situation.

A rollover of retirement plan assets to an IRA is not your only option. Carefully consider all of your available options which may include but not be limited to keeping your assets in your former employer’s plan; rolling over assets to a new employer’s plan; or taking a cash distribution (taxes and possible withdrawal penalties may apply). Prior to a decision, be sure to understand the benefits and limitations of your available options and consider factors such as differences in investment related expenses, plan or account fees, available investment options, distribution options, legal and creditor protections, the availability of loan provisions, tax treatment, and other concerns specific to your individual circumstances.

Investing in cryptocurrencies involves significant risks. See the Investment and Trading Disclosures Booklet for more information on investing and trading in cryptocurrencies.

Options trading is not suitable for all investors. Your TradeStation Securities’ account application to trade options will be considered and approved or disapproved based on all relevant factors, including your trading experience. See Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. Visit for full details on the costs and fees associated with options.

Security futures are not suitable for all investors. To obtain a copy of the security futures risk disclosure statement Investment and Trading Disclosures Booklet – Futures.