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The full power of TradeStation via API

TradeStation was founded as a technology company, so we know what tech savvy traders want. That’s why our proprietary API and apps are used and trusted by some of the top trading desks in the world. While others give you a watered-down version of their data feeds in the form of an API, we give you access to a full-powered platform on which our own flagship products are built. Use any programming language that can access the internet. C#, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby – we support them all. Integrate our dynamic data into your signal-based system, scan for new ideas, analyze performance and more.

Create a powerful trading experience

Our API allows your trading application to run independently from the TradeStation display screens, while taking advantage of TradeStation’s market data and order execution systems.

Create dynamic web, mobile, or stand-alone trading applications

Because of its flexibility and simplicity, the TradeStation API is an ideal solution for lightweight applications. It enables third-party application providers to create dynamic web, mobile, or stand-alone trading applications to use with TradeStation accounts.

Build your own equities, futures and crypto trading API

The TradeStation API allows integration with common programming languages such as C#, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, or any other language that can access the Internet.

API Documentation

Get access to the TradeStation API documentation.

Create a powerful trading experience across multiple markets – including Crypto

Our API supports Stocks, Options, Futures, and Crypto, giving you unprecedented market reach and unparalleled control. Our users have access to historical and real-time data, fast, advanced order execution, and account and position information with no limitations.





Gain access now

Whether you’re an independent trader, small development company or financial institution, you can gain access with no subscription cost in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Open a TradeStation account using Offer Code WAPIAFSG

Step 2

Fund your account with a minimum of $10,000

Step 3

Once funded, TradeStation will send you your unique API key

Step 4

Build with our full API capabilities and connect with a community of other users

Already have a TradeStation account? Contact us at to request access.

Trusted by top companies and institutions

TradeStation and top companies have created connections that allow you to optimize your trading experience.

TradeStation Securities + TradingView

TradingView offers interactive charting services powered by a community of traders from around the world. Now with TradeStation’s API TradingView users can trade stocks, ETFs, and futures all from their TradingView account.

TradeStation Securities + Vector Vest

Through the TradeStation API, VectorVest customers can get the benefits of VectorVest’s stock analysis and portfolio management system combined with the speed and reliability of TradeStation’s fast order execution system.

TradeStation Securities + Bookmap

TradeStation’s API combines the power of Bookmap’s visual technology, which displays the entire market liquidity and order flow utilizing an adjustable heatmap.

TradeStation Securities + Dynamic Trend

TradeStation’s API integration with Dynamic Trend gives options traders a comprehensive options analysis and trading platform.

TradeStation Securities + Overcharts

Overcharts is a fast, intuitive, professional, multiple data-feeds technical analysis and trading platform, designed by traders for traders.

For TradeStation Institutional Services

Our Institutional Services offering serves a broad range of institutional clients, including money managers, advisors, and hedge funds. Our custom solutions are backed by more than 30 years of experience. Schedule a call or tell us how we can help your business.