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Individual & joint accounts

  • Individual traders
  • Joint with right of survivorship
  • Joint tenants in common
  • Custodial

IRA accounts

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Rollover

Entity accounts

  • Trust
  • Corporation
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Limited liability company
  • Sole proprietorship

Trading futures can be risky, especially without a professional trading platform

Day trader
Buy and sell futures contracts within the same trading day to capture short-term price movements.
Hold futures contracts for several days to a week to take advantage of intermediate-term price movements.
Trade futures price trends by buying and selling based on current strength.
Calendar spread
Capture the price differences between futures contracts with varied expiration dates.
Butterfly spread
Utilize varied expiration dates across multiple futures contracts in a single trade.
Use algorithms to rapidly trade futures based on small price fluctuations.
Crack spread
Trade off the price differences between crude oil, gasoline, and heating oil futures.
Statistical arbitrage
Identify and take advantage of mispricing between futures and other instruments.
Your creativity
Innovate new futures tactics using custom coding or combine existing strategies to build your own techniques.

Expand your horizons with real-time data and access to over 600 futures and futures options products

What’s included?

  • CME Real-Time Globex and E-Mini Data*
  • CBOT Real-Time Globex and E-Mini Data*
  • NYMEX Real-Time Globex and E-Mini Data*
  • COMEX Real-Time Globex and E-Mini Data*
  • CBOE Futures Exchange Real-Time Level 1 Data
  • ICE U.S. Delayed Data
  • MGEX (not tradable) Delayed Data

Available extras

  • CME Real-Time Floor-Traded Level 1 Data
  • CBOT Delayed & Real-Time Floor-Traded Level 1 Data
  • COMEX Delayed & Real-Time Floor-Traded Level 1 Data
  • NYMEX Delayed & Real-Time Floor-Traded Level 1 Data
  • ICE U.S. Real-Time Data Package
  • Eurex Delayed & Real-Time Data Packages
  • ICE Europe (Commodities) Delayed & Real-Time Data Packages
  • ICE Europe (Financials) Delayed & Real-Time Data Packages
  • MGEX (not tradable) Real-Time Data Package

*Market data price is waived for traders who are billed $40 or more in futures commissions in the previous month. New futures clients will be given a 90-day grace period upon funding their account where they will receive these packages at no cost. Traders who do not meet this criteria will be charged $20 per data package (Level 1 Data and Market Depth Data packages) for a total of $40 per month following the grace period. To view the complete details of the packages and prices that apply to you please visit the software and data subscriptions section of the Client Center.

More market exposure with margin rates as low as 10%

Plus, no commission costs on select futures

Trade popular futures with low intraday margins, including:

  • E-mini S&P 500 (ES) at 10%
  • Micro S&P 500 (MES) at 10%
  • E-mini Dow Jones (YM) at 10%
  • E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ) at 10%
  • 10-Year Treasury Note (TY) at 10%

Take advantage of $0 commissions** and low per contract, per side rates:

  • Futures at $1.50 per contract, per side
  • Micro E-Mini futures at $0.50 per contract, per side
  • Free real-time market data

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Features include:

  • EasyLanguage®
  • RadarScreen®
  • Advanced charting
  • Robust backtesting
  • High-speed order entry

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Web Trading

Features include:

  • No download needed
  • Sim trading environment
  • Extensive historical data for U.S. and Eurex futures
  • Customizable indicators

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Mobile Apps

Features include:

  • Market analysis on-the-go
  • Custom price alerts
  • Detailed ordering
  • Intuitive interface
  • Futures access from the CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, and more

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**Fees and charges may apply. Visit to learn more about all the fees and charges that may apply.

¹ Promotional rates on futures products: (1) micro futures: $0 commission + $0.25 per contract, per side and (2) futures: $0 commission + $0.75 per contract per side (“Promo Rates”). Promo Rates are not applicable to any futures products bought or sold on the FuturesPlus platform or TradingView. Only Entity (non-Institutional), IRAs, Individual or Joint futures accounts are eligible for Promo Rates. To qualify for Promo Rates, you must be a customer who does not have an existing futures account, opens a futures account with TradeStation Securities, Inc. , and enters promotion code FUTRAFZT on your new account application. Your account will be considered and approved or disapproved based on all relevant factors, including your financial situation and trading experience. Additional restrictions may apply. Prices, fees, and costs are subject to change. This promotion may not be transferred to any other individual and has no monetary value that may be redeemed. The offer cannot be used in combination with another to learn more about all the fees and charges that may apply.

Security futures are not suitable for all investors. To obtain a copy of the security futures risk disclosure statement visit

Margin trading involves risks, and it is important that you fully understand those risks before trading on margin. The Margin Disclosure Statement outlines many of those risks, including that you can lose more funds than you deposit in your margin account; your brokerage firm can force the sale of securities in your account; your brokerage firm can sell your securities without contacting you; and you are not entitled to an extension of time on a margin call. Review the Margin Disclosure Statement at

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