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Why trade futures?

Futures offer a variety of advantages for anyone looking to diversify their trading and capitalize on the ever-changing world economy. With futures, traders can access nearly round the clock trading opportunities, increase their leverage, and access highly liquid futures markets.

  • Access a wide array of diversified investments including indices, treasuries, metals, energies, currencies, and more
  • Increased leverage allows futures traders to control a large amount of notional value with a relatively small amount of capital
  • Virtually 24-hour around the clock access to major futures exchanges across the U.S. and Europe
  • No pattern day trading rules — no minimum account value to trade multiple times per day
  • Easy to short — no short sale restrictions or hard-to-borrow availability concerns

Futures Trading Demystified: Your Futures Questions Answered

In Futures Trading Demystified, get answers to the most commonly asked futures questions. Get your free guide to learn:

  • How futures trading works
  • Why traders choose futures
  • Answers to frequently asked futures questions
  • And much more

Why trade futures at TradeStation?

TradeStation has the tools and data you need to trade futures more effectively, including an advanced futures trading platform, dedicated futures specialists, educational resources, and commission-free* pricing plans.

Educational resources

Powerful futures trading and analysis platform

Competitive pricing

Web and mobile trading

Free market data for non-professional traders

Experienced customer support and trade-desk specialists

Special day-trading margin rates

Access to over 350 futures and futures option products

An advanced futures trading platform to level up your futures trading

TradeStation’s feature-rich futures trading platform lets you monitor the futures markets, plan your strategy, and implement it in one easy-to-use and convenient place.

Historical Data

Massive historical market price database: Delve into our vault of data going back many years and spanning across several markets, including all U.S. futures and Eurex futures.

Contract View

Continuous contract view: Allows you to see long term trends in the futures market.


Backtest your futures trading ideas: Don’t rely solely on intuition – TradeStation gives you the ability to test your ideas before you ever risk a penny.


Advanced charting: Build your own custom indicators or benefit from our expansive suite of built-in indicators.


Integrated futures trading platform: Trade futures alongside equities, options, and ETFs on one integrated platform.

More than 350 futures and futures options to trade

TradeStation offers over 350 futures and futures options products to trade, which means expanded trading opportunities in a wide range of markets, including indexes, commodities, metals, and more.

  Indexes E-mini S&P 500 Micro E-mini Products CME Bitcoin Futures
  Currencies Euro British Pound Japanese Yen
  Interest Rates U.S. 5-Year-T Notes U.S. 10-Year-T- Notes U.S. 30-T-Bonds
  Metals Gold Silver Copper
  Energies Crude Oil Natural Gas Heating Oil
  Agriculture Wheat Corn Oats
  Meats Lean hogs Live Cattle Feeder Cattle
  Softs Coffee Cotton Cocoa

Introducing Micro E-mini Futures

Trade futures for as low as $175 with micro e-minis

At just one/tenth the size of the regular E-mini contract, it has never been easier to get started trading futures. You can go long or short in markets like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 with as little as $175 of day-trading margin per contract. Get all the same benefits of the normal-sized contract like trading around the clock all with TradeStation’s award-winning* futures trading platform, low commissions, and outstanding service and education.

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Trade futures online or on the go

Pick from one of our award-winning trading platforms – desktop, web, or mobile. Download the app today or get started with web trading to level up your futures game.

Enjoy Day-Trade Margins Overnight

TradeStation offers reduced intraday margin rates overnight on U.S. equity index futures, full-sized Crude Oil, 30-Year Treasury Bond, 10-Year Treasury Note, and full-sized Gold and Silver Futures. This means you can use the power of leverage to control larger positions with a smaller amount of capital.

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Want to learn more about futures trading?

Stay up to date on the latest financial news with Market Insights. Get daily briefings on market activities, trading opportunities, and education, including earnings recaps and insights from industry veterans.

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