Sunday, June 20, 2021

Transportation Giant Delivering Like Never Before. Can You Guess May’s Mystery Stock?

The past year has been dominated by huge macro news like coronavirus and the unprecedented economic crash that followed. But there have...

These Were the Top Symbols on TradeStation in June as the Economy Reopened

The economy reopened in June, and TradeStation clients played the trend by pivoting to travel-related stocks. Aerospace giant Boeing...
Coronavirus Vaccine News Hurts Technology Stocks, Lifts Financials, Oil

Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Is Shaking Up the Stock Market. Here Are Key 4 Changes

Stocks jumped to new highs this week thanks to Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, but it's also causing major changes in the market.

Small Caps Suffer as Dow Roars to Life

Shifts in sentiment seem to be hurting small-cap stocks, one of the market's strongest areas this year. The Russell 2000 small cap ETF (IWM) is...

Wider Fears Amid Some Good Results: Earnings This Week

A handful of big companies announced strong results in the last week, but wider problems are tarnishing the story. Feeble semiconductor demand, doubts about the...
Here's How to Be Ready the Next Time Momentum Stocks Pull Back Like This

Slowdown? Economic Data Doesn’t Show It

Pundits keep warning about an economic slowdown, but the data continues to prove them wrong. Only 199,000 Americans sought unemployment benefits last week. It was...

Industrial Stocks Are Breaking Out as the Economy Roars Back from Coronavirus

Industrial stocks are breaking out as the strengthening economy draws capital away from large technology stocks like Apple and

Options Strategy Fears Bounce Is Over For This Ailing Blue Chip

Is the bounce over for a once-might industrial stock? One big options trader is treading cautiously before quarterly results.
What Are Value Stocks? How Can You Find Them? A Howto Guide

What Are Value Stocks? How Do I Find Them?

Value stocks have gained popularity this month as investors look for vaccines to end the coronavirus pandemic. This article will consider key...

Apple Crushes Estimates But Investors Are More Interested in Two Other Nasdaq Giants

Apple had an amazing quarter, but investors seem more interested in the advertising growth at Alphabet and Facebook. All...
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