Sunday, August 9, 2020

Recent IPOs Glowing Green

Tech IPOs may be showing signs of life. Stocks like Huya (HUYA), Pivotal Software (PVTL) and Iqiyi (IQ) rallied hard in May and early June...

IPOs Have Another Strong Month in June

Initial public offerings (IPOs) keep coming at their quickest pace in three years. Some $4.5 billion of stock in new companies came to market last...

High flying IPOs are pulling back

After a surge of enthusiasm, recent IPOs are pulling back. As Market Insights has documented on multiple occasions, April and May marked a bullish turn...

Is this what the 1990s felt like?

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but tech is hot again today. And not just any old tech. Money's pouring into smaller, lesser-known companies...

Another cloud IPO screams higher

Last week Zscaler (ZS) ripped to a new high on strong earnings. Today, it's Pivotal Software's (PVTL) turn. PVTL rose about 25 percent in morning...

The Shocking Truth About IPOs

For years, initial public offerings performed poorly. But that seems to be changing right before our eyes. Several companies have ripped higher since going public...

IPOs keep on coming in May

Initial public offerings had their best May since 2013 and remain firmly ahead of last year's pace.

In Case You Missed All the IPOs

Technology has dominated IPOs recently, but some energy names and a yoga-themed hotelier have also surged of late.

IPOs come roaring to life

April is shaping up to the best month for initial public offerings in years. Data from ClickIPO shows over $10 billion of new equity entered...

Cryptos Inch Higher as Attention Grows

Officials are paying more attention to cryptocurrencies, and so far investors don't seem to mind. Bitcoin futures (@XBT on TradeStation) have advanced 7 percent in...
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