Introducing TSgo Commission-Free Trading. Let’s Trade.


Now you can trade your way

Enjoy commission-free online stocks, ETFs, and options trades for all new and existing clients in the U.S. with TSgo on our web and mobile apps.

Enjoy commission-free trading*

Increase Income with Our Stock Loan Program

Commission on online equity trades

(exchange-listed U.S. stocks)
Earn Interest on Your Cash Balance

Commission on online exchange-traded funds (ETFs) trades

Stretch Your Trading Dollar with Low Margin Rates

Commission on online options trades

(Plus $0.50 per contract)

Why TSgo?

All the tools and services you need to successfully trade your way

No matter how you trade, TSgo gives you the tools you need to help navigate your financial future.

Free Premium Tools

Trading & Analysis Tools

Fast Data & Order Execution

Fast Data & Order Execution

Powerful Mobile & Web App

Powerful Mobile & Web App

Start trading commission-free today

We made it simple and easy to start trading commission-free. Just follow the steps below.

  • 1. Open an account
  • 2. Enter the code TSGOAFKH
  • 3. Choose either commission plan to get TSgo pricing
  • 4. Start trading!