TradeStation Simplified Pricing

Take a fresh look at our simplified pricing for stocks, options & futures.

Easy-to-Understand Pricing

Stocks: $5/trade

Options: 50¢/contract + $5/trade

Futures: $1.50/contract/side

Keep Your Eyes On Everything

Track the market, follow breaking news updates, and learn new trading skills all at once with the TradeStation Today dashboard.

Trade Your Own Way

Customize your layout, colors, and more so you can see exactly what you want, when you want.

Why TradeStation?


Finally, A Useful Mobile Trading App

Fill your feed with awesome trade opportunities when you bring the power of our platform to the phone.

Opportunities Find You

With our premium trading tools, you’ll cut through market clutter to find your next trade.

Tools That Make The Pros Drool

Whether you’re a professional trader or just play one on TV, our tools can create, optimize and automate virtually any stock, options or futures trading strategy.

Is There Such Thing As Too Many Awards?

Every year our software and brokerage services receive best-in-class awards from respected publications like Barron’s. And no, it doesn’t get old.

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