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Enroll in Programs That Can Generate Extra Income and Save You Money

Multiple Ways to Put Your Money to Work for You

TradeStation offers a variety of programs that can help generate extra income in your account, save you money and stretch the value of your trading dollar.

Fully Paid Lending Program

Let Your Existing Positions Work Harder for You

Fully paid lending can offer the opportunity to earn extra interest income on your equities account. If we’re able to lend out your securities, you’ll receive 50% of the interest earned – and you can still close your positions at any time.

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Earn Up to 55% Interest on Your Balance

Earn Up to 0.55% Interest on Your Account Balance

TradeStation’s interest sharing program helps you earn up to 0.55% interest on cash in your eligible equities account and up to 0.30% interest on cash in your eligible futures account.

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Stretch Your Trading Dollar

Stretch Your Trading Dollar with Low Margin Rates

Our competitive margin rates – as low as 3.5% for equities accounts – put the full buying power of your account to work for you. And you can trade some of our most popular futures contracts overnight at day-trading margin rates as low as 25%.

You work hard for your money. With fully paid lending, interest sharing and low margins, we make it work harder for you.