Sunday, October 25, 2020

Cryptos Keep Cranking

It started as a short squeeze. Now a stealth rally in crypto currencies is turning into a stampede. Bitcoin cash (BCHUSD) has almost doubled in...

Number crunching support and resistance with Insider Bars

Every day, traders have to make big decisions about support and resistance. Should I deploy capital based on this high and low, or another?...

OMG look at silver!

Something interesting may be happening in precious metals. As some metal watchers likely know, there's a historic relationship between gold and silver. Right now, we...

Suddenly energy is flying

Energy's gone from forgotten to en fuego quicker than you can say "missiles over Damascus." Crude oil (@CL) hit $67.45 this morning, its highest level in...

Indicator vs ShowMe: What should I use?

One of the great things about TradeStation is definitely the platform's functionality. It can not only do all kinds of analysis, but also lets...

Are Bonds Stabilizing?

This post is for education purposes only and should not be interpreted as a trade recommendation. Despite all the buzz about a hawkish Fed, interest...

Window Linking: Ideal Tool in Volatile Markets

It's easy to lose track of things when the market swings wildly like it did last week. So, let's review a TradeStation feature that's...

Suddenly Breadth is Getting Better

Technical analysts often use "breadth" to determine the market's internal strength. Simply put, it's considered bullish when a greater number of companies is rising....

Strategies: The Heart of TradeStation

Trading strategies lie at the heart of TradeStation. The reasons are simple. Emotions cloud our judgment. Picking entries and exits causes stress. It's also hard for...

In Search of New Leaders in Tech

This post is for education purposes only and should not be interpreted as a trade recommendation. Man, TradeStation is seriously cool. Earlier this week I created...
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