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Upgrade your TradeStation options level

Enhance your options trading experience with TradeStation. We recognize the importance of aligning your trading level with your investment strategy and goals. Whether you’re focused on income, growth, or speculation, upgrading your trading level is a straightforward process.

TradeStation Options Levels

Start by defining your trading objectives and selecting strategies that match your investment goals and financial well-being from our options table. Next, choose the options level that aligns with your trading experience and style. Ensure that your current options level suits your needs and request an upgrade if necessary.

Objective Options Strategy
Level 1 Income Covered Call writing, Protective Puts
Level 2 Income and Growth Level 1 + Long Put/Calls, Collars, Covered Puts, Long Straddles/Strangles
Level 3 Income and Growth Level 2 + Put/Call Spreads
Level 4 Income, Growth and Speculation Level 3 + Uncovered Put Writing
Level 5 Income, Growth and Speculation Level 4 + Uncovered Call Writing

Cash accounts are eligible for covered calls, protective/covered puts, buying calls/puts, and European index spreads. Margin accounts are eligible for all cash objectives, options spreads, short straddles/strangles, and uncovered short calls/puts.

Follow these straightforward steps to request an upgrade to your options level:

Check your current options level


Launch the TradeManager App, click the Balances tab, and filter accounts by Equities.


Open a Balances tab, click your Equities account, and select the Options button.


Tap the Home tab, tap Balances, tap your Equities account, and tap the Options button.

Upgrading Your Trading Level

Download the Options Information Form & Agreement PDF and complete it.

  1. Review and update your trading experience to reflect your current objectives and knowledge. NOTE: Options level approval is determined based on investment objectives, investment experience, and other criteria. Providing accurate information will streamline the approval process.
  2. Send the completed and signed form to

Review Process and Timeline

  1. Our review process typically takes 24 to 48 hours.
  2. TradeStation will validate your trading experience and financial standing in your submission for accuracy and suitability.
  3. If your upgrade request is approved, you may check your options level following the instructions in step #1 and resume trading at your new level.
  4. For any questions, please Contact Us, schedule a callback, or chat with us online.

Rightsizing your trading level is a significant step toward advanced trading. Upgrading options trading levels involves risks such as inexperience, larger positions, market volatility exposure, and potential margin calls. Traders should prioritize education, risk management, and a solid plan before venturing into advanced options strategies. At TradeStation, we’re committed to supporting you on this journey. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our customer support team is available to assist you.

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