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Analysis Technique
A universal term for an indicator, study, or strategy.

App Launcher
A list of all available trading apps you can add to a workspace when creating your trading setup.

Basket Order
Place multiple orders on a basket of symbols in a single account with one click.

Chart Analysis
Real-time and historical price charts with universe of technical tools all built in – all analysis tools are customizable through EasyLanguage; add drawing tools; back-test trading ideas; and trade directly on the chart.

Chart Trading
Place trades directly on a chart analysis window in context with real-time price action and historical indicators. Point and shoot, drag and drop order placement.

A file that saves a collection of workspaces for a monitor in a multi-monitor computer setup.

Exclusive to TradeStation, EasyLanguage is a programming language for traders that enables you to create or modify custom technical charting and RadarScreen indicators and build and test trading strategies.

Hot Lists
Pre-built scans that update every 30 seconds based on price and volume criteria – can help you identify symbols to trade.

Technical indicators are mathematical calculations based on market prices and volume.

Market Depth
Level II data displaying the bid and ask prices and order sizes for the limit orders placed for a symbol, which help shows the supply and demand at each price level.

Market Insights
Our comprehensive markets blog page covering a wide variety of topics, including: market moving events, news stories, trader education, and trading analysis.

The “Swiss Army knife” of trading tools – point and click order placement, drag and drop cancel and replace, see your positions in context with integrated market depth and volume at price.

Real-time breaking news and market events provided by Benzinga and filtered by keywords or symbol.

OptionStation Pro
A comprehensive options trading and analysis platform – features include: position graphs, strategy based option chains, position search, and position management.

Order Bar
A multi-asset order placement tool that sits at the top of the platform, also called the Trade Bar.

Portfolio Maestro
Back-test trading strategies on a portfolio and symbols.

Position Graph Bar
A visual reference of profit or loss and other position information for all open positions that sits below the Trade Bar.

Quick Trade Bar
An order entry tool designed to place quick order entry and exit orders.

Real-time watch list and opportunity scanner, with the ability to sort and rank on up to 1000 symbols on technical historical charting indicators.

Fundamental company information on all U.S. stocks provide by Reuters with hundreds of key data points.

Scan the universe of symbols on-demand on hundreds market data criteria – price, volume, fundamental, and historical technical indicators.

A trading environment that uses virtual dollars when placing orders.

A set of rules for entering and exiting a position, generally based on technical indicators.

A universal term for an indicator, analysis technique, or strategy.

Time & Sales
A real-time feed of all trades for a single symbol, with up to 5 days of historical data, and the ability to filter out small trades.

Sets the bar interval in a Chart Analysis window

Trade Bar
A standard multi-asset full-featured order placement tool that sits at the top of the platform.

A platform app that allows you to view and manage you orders, positions, and balances.

TradeManager Analysis
A performance report of your actual and simulated trades over a period on time.

TradeStation Today
Keep up to date on TradeStation news, with access to pre-built workspaces, educational resources, and a calendar of upcoming events.

TradingApp® Store
A market place of indicators and trading strategies that you can download into TradeStation for a monthly fee.

Watch training videos from within the TradeStation platform.

Walk-Forward Optimizer
An advance strategy development tool that analyzes the data from the strategy optimization process.

Watch List
In TradeStation, RadarScreen is your watch list – monitor up to 2000 symbols in real-time on dozens of market data points.

A file that saves your setup of charts, order and account tools, and watch lists. You can have multiple workspaces open at the same time on each desktop.

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