Friday, September 29, 2023

Buyers Rotate into These Sectors as Tech Stalls

Last week was rough for technology. But now investors are looking for gains in some new areas. The SPDR Industrial ETF (XLI) and SPDR Health...

Guess who’s raiding the medicine chest

News reports have seen it coming for months, but now it's official: (AMZN) is attacking drug distributors. AMZN announced the purchase of closely held...

Medical device giant targeted for breakout: Options recap

Medical-device giant Medtronic (MDT) has gone nowhere for the last two years, but options traders are looking for a breakout. About 25,000 August 90 calls...

Two sectors on breakout watch

This post is intended for educational purposes and should not be considered a trading recommendation. Two sector funds may be on breaking out as bullish...

Don’s Notebook May 9, 2018

Don’s Notebook May 9, 2018 Producer prices open three straight days of inflation data. Today’s announcement, the Producer Price Index (PPI) of the Bureau of...

Stocks Have Biggest Drop in Two Years as Rates Rise

Stocks just took their deepest dive in two years as higher interest rates caused investors to take profits. The S&P 500 cratered 3.85 percent between...

Following the House of Morgan on Fed day

Is the House of Morgan a canary in the coalmine? One top educator thinks so. Sarah Potter of told viewers of today’s Morning Market...
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