Saturday, November 27, 2021

Apple Is Barely Holding Support. Should the Bulls Worry?

Apple rallied in December after holding $120. Now it’s back and threatening to break support at that level. The...
Coronavirus Vaccine News Hurts Technology Stocks, Lifts Financials, Oil

Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Is Shaking Up the Stock Market. Here Are Key 4 Changes

Stocks jumped to new highs this week thanks to Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, but it's also causing major changes in the market.
Why a Ton of Puts May Not Be Bearish in This Sector: Options Recap

Banks Cling to Support Ahead of Stress Test

The Federal Reserve is set to release the latest stress test results for banks on Thursday, June 25th after the U.S market...
VIX Closes at Post-Covid Low as Investors Gain Confidence in Recovery

Volatility Closes at Post-Covid Low as Confidence Sweeps the Market

The "fear index" just broke 20 for the first time in almost a year. It was one of several milestones suggesting the...
Bitcoin Breaks $50,000 as Blackrock 'Dabbles' in Digital Asset

Bitcoin Breaks $50,000 as Blackrock Jumps on Board. More Companies Plan to Follow.

Bitcoin keeps hitting new highs as mainstream firms like Blackrock jump on board. "The technology has evolved and the...
The Yield Curve Inverted, and the Bears Are Going to Work

The Yield Curve Inverted, and the Bears Are Going to Work

The big story today is that weak economic numbers overseas caused the yield curve to invert. That means the...

Technical Analysis: Wall Street Giant Attempts a Breakout

Goldman Sachs hit a new high late in the summer. Now after a healthy pullback, it may be ready to keep moving.

‘Boring’ May Be The New Bullish: Healthcare, Insurers,and Food Stocks Break Out as the...

The S&P 500 continues to hit new highs, but a strange mix of stocks is leading the advance. Pharmaceuticals,...

Chart of the Day: Citi Is Finding Support at This Key Line

Financial stocks have bounced in the last two weeks, and Citi is one of the biggest members of the group.
'Risk On' Sectors Lead as Stocks Try to Break Out

‘Risk On’ Sectors Lead as Stocks Try to Break Out

Investors are favoring riskier parts of the market as the S&P 500 tries to break out to new highs.
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