Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Options Alert: Is this Airline Headed to a New 52-Week Low?

American Airlines has been losing altitude for the last two months, and now an options trader is looking for new 52-week lows. Check out this...

What Is Event Risk? Why Does It Matter? How Can it Be Managed?

Investors face several kinds of risk in the stock market. Today we'll consider one of the most common: event risk. While some events are unexpected,...

Options Alert: Giant Trade Thinks Automaker Is Stuck In Neutral

Traders usually buy options to position for a stock moving, but just the opposite happened in the No. 2 U.S. automaker yesterday. Check out this...

Options Traders Are Hedging After FedEx’s Historic Move

Big things are happening at FedEx, and one options trader is hedging against a small pullback. A block of 1,280 June 235 puts were purchased...

Bulls in the China Shop? Call Buyers Just Piled Into Alibaba

Most stocks have been under pressure lately, but there could be bulls in the China shop. E-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) surged 15 percent to $119.62...

Can Marathon Oil Keep Running? At Least One Options Trader Thinks It Can

Marathon Oil is one of the top-performing stocks this year, and one big options trader is looking for the run to continue. Check out this...

Options Alert: Bears Are Targeting a 30-Year Low in the Top Cruise Operator

Travel stocks like cruise ships have accelerated lower in the past month, and yesterday the options flow turned bearish in the biggest operator. Carnival (CCL)...

Options Alert: Twitter Traders Break Records as Elon Musk Fuels Historic Rally

Twitter leaped yesterday after Elon Musk revealed a giant stake in the social-media company. The news also triggered historic options volume. More than 1.5 million...

July Breakout? Options Trader Extends Bullish Position in This Major Hotel Operator

Hotel stocks have consolidated since the winter, and yesterday an options trader extended their stay in one of the biggest names. Check out this large...

Options Alert: Call Buyer Gives Chinese Tech Stock More Time for a Potential Move

Chinese technology stocks jumped last week, and one big options trader is targeting a former high flier. Check out this unusual options activity in Shanghai-based...
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