Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Apple to Push AI to Two Billion Users

The Apple Inc (AAPL) Developer Conference primarily focused on how AI (artificial intelligence) will be incorporated across the company's existing product line. AAPL is...

Stocks Could Be Stabilizing. How Do I Find Potential Opportunities?

The stock market is bouncing after a dip. Are any companies stabilizing as sentiment recovers? Today's article will consider a method for discovering potential...

Pharma Bulls Chase Blue-chip Breakout: Options Recap

A blue-chip drug giant beat estimates this week, and the bulls are chasing in the options market. As we mentioned on Monday's Market Action, maker...

Bears Won’t Say Good-Bye to Energy Space: Options Recap

Someone's bracing for more bad news in one of the market's weakest sectors. Energy stocks, on average, have lost twice as much value as the...

Options Alert: Big Investor Adjusts Upside Trade In Ford Motor

Ford Motor has jumped as its business roars back to life, and one options trader is giving the automaker more room to run. Check out...

Greek of the Week: Theta

This is the third installment of a four-part series about options Greeks on Market Insights concluding Labor Day week. So far, we've looked at delta...

Can Anything Stop This Rampaging Tech Stock?

This year has seen plenty of gains in technology, but nothing compares with the monster rally in a once-forgotten chip stock. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)...

Someone’s Digging for Gold in the Options Market

Precious metals are bouncing today, and someone's trying to leverage the move with options. Approximately 27,000 October 11 calls were purchased this morning in Goldcorp...

The Structure of Options Trades

While options can be traded by themselves, investors often use them in conjunction with other securities. So before going further, let's consider the...

Will the Nasdaq Pull Back next Week?

Is the Nasdaq headed for a selloff next week? Someone seems to think so. Here's a breakdown of the massive bearish put spread that appeared...
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