Monday, September 21, 2020

“Risk on” Dominates as New Year Begins

Happy New Year, indeed! At least if you're in the stock market. Most of the closely watched indexes rallied more than 1% in the holiday-shortened...

Following the Money in Energy, Part 2

Yesterday we showed investors' hard-charging stampede back into energy stocks following years of neglect. Today we'll look at a surprising subset that's led the...

Trust the Trend but Verify: Price Headly

Buy at support, sell at resistance, but always back-test. That was the message from our pro trader this morning. Price Headly, founder of, runs...

Following the money in energy, Part I

All of a sudden, energy is rallying. Not only does the sector's 7 percent gain in the last month dwarf the S&P 500's 2.7...

‘Dow Theory’ Potentially at Play in 2018

"Keep an eye on the transports." It's one of the oldest adages of market watchers. The theory is the railroads, truckers and airlines are forward-looking indicators...

Are Metals Quietly Breaking Out?

Most attention this week is focused on hopes of pro-business tax reform in Washington ...meanwhile investors seem to be shifting money into an industry outside...
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