From Apple to Twitter, Several Major Tech Stocks Are Bouncing at This Key Line


Growth stocks have lagged for months as investors focus on “value” trades like energy and financials. But now some major names like Apple and Twitter are bouncing at a key level.

The table below lists 15 prominent technology companies that have recently tested their 200-day moving averages. This is a popular indicator for long-term price trends. Stocks that touch the 200-day MA and continue higher may offer potential buying opportunities. It also shows their average options volumes in the last month because underliers that trade a lot of contracts may have tighter bid/ask spreads. The data is current through yesterday’s close.

CompanyDays Since
200-day MA
Apple (AAPL)3Smart phones1.2 million (AMZN)1E-commerce334,000
Tesla (TSLA)0Electric cars1.2 million
Intel (INTC)3Semiconductors150,000
Shopify (SHOP)3E-commerce45,000
Uber Technologies (UBER)5Ride sharing205,000
Square (SQ)0Fintech146,000
Baidu (BIDU)0Internet96,000
Twilio (TWLO)0Messenging18,000
Roku (ROKU)9Streaming video73,000
Twitter (TWTR)3Social media167,000
Carvana (CVNA)1E-commerce10,000
Pinterest (PINS)0Social media93,000
Match (MTCH)3Online dating11,000
Marvell Technology (MRVL)3Semiconductors26,000

TradeStation’s RadarScreen and Scanner tools generated the list using custom tools available for download here. The first indicator, MA Test, returns a value when a stock’s low is under the 200-day MA and its high is above it. (Users can adjust the tool for different moving averages.)

The second indicator is called days since MA test. It displays the number of days since prices touched a given moving average. A reading of 3 means that a stock touched its 200-day MA three sessions ago and is now above the line. “-3” means it touched the MA three sessions ago and is now below the line. Watch this video for information on using TradeStation for advanced technical analysis.

Disclosure: This post is intended for educational purposes only. None of the stocks mentioned should be interpreted as recommendations. Options trading may not be suitable for all investors.

Intel (INTC), daily chart, with 200-day moving average.
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