Monday, December 4, 2023
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Chart of the Day: Will Crude Oil Run Again?

Crude-oil futures are having their worst week since March, but some traders might think about buying the pullback. The first pattern on today’s chart is...

Chart of the Day: Small Caps Are Leading to the Downside

Indexes of big companies like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 neared record highs in July, but not the small cap Russell 2000. Today we’ll...

Chart of the Day: Are Chips Losing Their Edge to Software Stocks?

Semiconductor stocks have surged this year, thanks in large part to Nvidia. But they could be losing relative strength to software makers within the...

Chart of the Day: Tesla Could Be Accelerating

Tesla skidded lower after its last earnings report on July 19, but now the EV giant could be turning a corner. The first pattern on...

Technical Analysis: Can Caterpillar Hold Its Gains?

Caterpillar has been leading a rally in industrial stocks, but now some traders may expect a pullback. Notice the gap to new record levels on...

Chart of the Day: Alphabet Pulls Back After Earnings Rally

Alphabet jumped to a new 52-week high on strong results last week. Now it may be giving trend followers a potential opportunity. The first pattern...

Chart of the Day: Is Caesars Following Travel Stocks Higher?

Travel stocks have climbed recently, and now Caesars Entertainment could be showing signs of strength. The first pattern on today’s chart is the falling trendline...

Chart of the Day: Will Small Caps Follow the S&P Higher?

The Russell 2000 small cap index has lagged all year, but it may be showing some signs of coming to life. The first pattern on...

Technical Analysis: Don’t Forget About Alphabet

Alphabet has been on the sidelines since a big rally in May. Is it time for traders to think about more upside? The first pattern...

Chart of the Day: Carnival Pushes a Key Level

Carnival has been stuck in the doldrums since last summer, but now some traders may think it’s ready to cruise higher. The first pattern on...
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