Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Technical Analysis Could Be Preparing for a Breakout: Technical Analysis

0 has consolidated since last August. Now it may be ready for a breakout, especially with the Nasdaq leading again.
Housing Stocks Have Barely Flinched as Technology Stocks Plunged

Housing Stocks Could Be Trying To Turn: Chart of the Day

Homebuilders have pulled back following a big rally. Now the chart could be lining up for another move to the upside.

This Sporting Goods Stock Is Starting to Run: Technical Analysis

Dick's Sporting Goods has been running. Now, after a brief pause, it may be ready to keep moving. The...

Tesla Faces a Make or Break Moment as Electric Vehicle Stocks Surge Back

Tesla's stock could be at critical juncture as investors rotate back to zero-emission stocks like electric cars and solar energy.

This Social Media Stock May Be Squeezing Toward a Breakout: Technical Alert

Snap is an expensive growth stock. It’s the kind of name investors have mostly avoided this year, although recent weeks have seen...

This Major Index Is Breaking Out as Value Stocks Pause: Chart Study

Value stocks and reopening plays have been the main themes in 2021, but now the bulls seem to be returning to Big...

Advanced Micro Is Challenging a Trend Line: Chart of the Day

Believe it or not, Advanced Micro Devices has been little changed for 10 months. But now the semiconductor stock may be getting...

Apple Could Be Squeezing Toward a Breakout With New Features Unveiled at WWDC

Apple has been a frustrating stock for most of the year, but now it may be squeezing toward another rally.

Technical Alert: Death Cross in Netflix

The economy is reopening. People are going back to work. It's great news for a lot of stocks, but Netflix isn't one...

Small Caps Are Outperforming Again: Technical Analysis

QQQ vs IWM? In some ways, it’s the big debate of 2021. Will traders stick with megacap growth stocks, or ride fast-moving...
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