Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Chart of the Day: Is This Chip Stock Rolling Over?

Advanced Micro Devices has bounced sharply from its early-July lows, but some patterns could be pointing lower for the chip stock. The first pattern on...
Tesla Battery Day: Musk Could Present Bigger Cells, Dry Electrodes

Chart of the Day: Does Tesla Need to Recharge its Batteries?

Tesla rallied more than 50 percent from its lows of the year through earlier this week. But now it may be running out of...

Health Care Leads New Highs as the Stock Market Recovers

Something new happened in the stock market yesterday following a month of steady gains: some names are breaking out. Twenty three members of the S&P...

Technical Analysis: Netflix Shares Are Inching Toward a Big Price Gap

Does anyone remember Netflix? After losing three-quarters of its value between November and May, the streaming-video stock may be trying to claw its way...

Technical Analysis: Exxon Mobil Could Be Stalling

Energy stocks have dominated the market this year, but now the biggest of the bunch is showing signs of weakness: Exxon Mobil. The first pattern...

Where’s the Fear? VIX Keeps Sliding as Big Events Fail to Lift Volatility

Cboe's "fear index" hasn't been showing a lot of panic lately. The Volatility Index ($VIX.X) declined steadily between mid-June and late July. That six-week slide...

Chart of the Day: Chinese Electric Car Stock Rallies and Pulls Back

Most Chinese stocks remain well below their 52-week highs, but not Li Auto. Let's consider some of the patterns on the Beijing-based maker of electric...

This Food Stock Broke Out to New Highs. Now It’s Pulled Back

General Mills has been a slow mover for years, but the Cheerios maker has gotten more interesting lately. The main pattern on today’s chart is...

Chart of the Day: DIY Giant Tries to Break Out Before Key Data

Home Depot could be attempting a breakout as investors await key industry data. The main patterns on today’s chart are the falling trendline and the...

Chart of the Day: Tight Consolidation, Golden Cross in Top Solar Stock

Solar energy has been one of a few bright spots in this bearish market. Today we’re looking at the company in the group with...
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