Zero Commission Options Trading With a High-Powered Mobile App: Aries and TradeStation Unite


    The past year has seen huge strides in technology. Now one of the most exciting breakthroughs is available on your iPhone or Android device: the Aries mobile trading app.

    Tesla (TSL)A options on Aries. Notice the button-based controls.

    Aries is a brand-new platform designed to make stock and options trading intuitive and straightforward. Users can easily flip between news, charts and key statistics. It automatically finds relevant headlines to explain price movements, shows analyst opinions and earnings history.

    The trading interface is revolutionary — especially for options. Aries quickly displays a handful of contracts for potential transactions. Users can easily jump between calls and puts, plus change expiration dates, with a single tap. The same is true for selling options. This approach can be more accessible than traditional option chains on a small screen.

    Pricing is another big differentiator for Aries users, with free commissions on stocks and options traded through the app.

    Trading on Aries is available with a brokerage account at TradeStation Securities through a secure API connection. The link can be established via the Settings button (gear icon) at the top of Aries → Manage Accounts. Users only need to sign in once via TradeStation’s Client Center and then can use Aries for transactions and account management.

    Trade in milliseconds

    Explore the most actively traded options

    Trade 600+ futures products on an advanced platform