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What’s New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 24

What's New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 24

In TradeStation 9.5 Update 24, we’ve addressed some important issues identified in previous updates.

Ticket # Description
TS-9010 Market Depth now reloads data properly after reconnecting.
TS-10649 When using "adopt real-world position" and built-in exit, strategy now properly send exit order.
TS-12251 Strategy with pyramiding no longer causes rapid Cancel/Replace of exit orders.
TS-12402 Strategy no longer assumes entry on currentbar 1 when actual entry occurred on prior day.
TS-12917 OSO bracket orders shift price upon login in some circumstances.
TS-13163 Improved stability when using "cancel alert" in indicator.
TS-14169 Chart Analysis "show empty intra-day session periods...” now works properly.
TS-14213 EasyLanguage error message for missing resource now gives more details.
TS-15216 Stability is improved in TradeManager when attempting to show legs of a spread not covered by date range.
TS-15518 Bar date and time no longer displays incorrect information when debugging.
TS-15530 Development Environment now opens password-protected analysis techniques from 9.1.
TS-15601 Dropped uppercase characters when typing in the Development Environment.
TS-16308 EasyLanguage constant of type "double" is no longer created as an integer.
TS-16879 Stability improved for users running 32-bit Windows 10.
TS-16889 Ellipses button now works properly in analysis tab.
TS-16910 OptionStation Pro RegT popups now allow trades to be entered.
TS-16970 Development Environment now saves image files to new analysis technique.
TS-17029 EasyLanguage no longer displays incorrect divide-by-zero exception message.
TS-17059 DefaultStream.TimeZone in RadarScreen no longer incorrectly returns exchange.
TS-17112 OptionStation Pro now retains the activation rule when replacing the order.
TS-17133 Configuration settings are retained when switching between 9.5 and 10.
TS-17194 In OptionStation Pro, "in the money" background shading is now correct for vertical and other spread types.