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IPO trading like never before

Being one of the first to own stock in a company is exciting, whether it’s a promising new tech firm or an established business looking to raise capital. Until now, everyday investors have struggled to access IPOs.

But that’s no longer the case. By opening a TradeStation account and downloading ClickIPO*, a mobile-based order entry platform that provides access to IPOs and secondary offerings, you can get in on the ground floor — before a company’s shares become available on the exchanges.

*TradeStation and Click IPO are not affiliated.

Ready to be an early investor?


Open your IPO trading account with TradeStation.


Download ClickIPO for Android or iOS.

Why trade IPOs at TradeStation?

For more than 30 years, TradeStation has empowered traders to create their financial edge. Whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned professional, TradeStation offers a platform that can help you up your game. We offer award-winning software for virtually any trading product, including stocks, options, and ETFs.

When it comes to IPO trading, our integration with ClickIPO gives clients unprecedented access.

Zero Commissions

Browse IPOs and their price range, anticipated offering date, SEC prospectus, and more

View current and past IPOs, secondary offerings, and follow-on offerings

Enter IPO orders directly from your mobile device

Create a customized IPO watchlist so you never miss an opportunity

Get instant notifications about new and updated offerings

How do I participate in IPO stock?

TradeStation and ClickIPO make trading IPO stock straightforward. To get started, you must:


Have a TradeStation equities brokerage account with a minimum balance of $500


Download the ClickIPO app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Register on ClickIPO’s trading platform and select TradeStation as your broker


Link your TradeStation account in the “My Account” section of the ClickIPO app

Pricing and funding

• When you purchase IPO stock in your TradeStation account using ClickIPO, there’s no commission on the trade. If the stock is priced at $10 per share, you’ll pay $10 per share — no more, no less.

• IPO stock cannot be purchased using margin. You must have sufficient unrestricted cash in your account to pay for your IPO shares.

Award-winning trading platform

Year in and year out, leading financial publications have recognized TradeStation’s award-winning trading software and brokerage services.