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It’s time to turn PRO

Get the benefits of TradingView PRO’s free charts, quotes, and trade ideas combined with the speed and reliability of TradeStation’s web and mobile platforms plus commission-free trades.

Just open a TradeStation account using offer code TSTVAFLQ and maintain a minimum balance of $500 or more, and we will cover the costs of TradingView PRO for the first six months.

Let’s get started

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Step 1

Go to

Select Trading Panel tab

Click TradeStation logo to get started

If you don’t have a TradingView account you will need to create a new account to continue

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Step 2

Select the account type

Click Continue

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Already have a TradeStation Account?

Simply login with your TradeStation username and password.

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Open Your New TradeStation Account!

TradeStation is the only TradingView brokerage partner who can offer you Equities and Futures trading at the same time.

Now you are ready

Trade with your TradeStation account from your TradingView charts.

Get the best of both worlds.