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May 24-26, 2022

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TradeStation’s Spring Summit, Decoding the Markets, is all about how you can see the big picture and learn how you could develop your own strategy. Observation, planning and critical thinking are necessary skills for decoding any puzzle. Those are also key skills for taking on the stock market. Traders must adapt to surprises, look at big picture information, analyze in the moment and have strong critical thinking skills.

During this event traders will be able to focus on building these skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, strategy development as well as learn more about fundamental and technical analysis and market insights. Sessions range from beginner level to advanced, across multiple asset classes.

For the first time, we will host this event during the week Tuesday through Thursday.

Learn TradeStation tools

Financial wellness

Crypto, options, futures concepts

15+ sessions

Hear from TS executives

Spring Summit 2022 Agenda

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Decoding the Markets

Event Opens

6:00 PM ET

Sarah Potter

Current Market Overview

6:05 PM ET

With Sarah Potter, Chief Education Officer, TradeStation Group

Kick off TradeStation Securities’ Spring ‘22 Summit, “Decoding the Markets” with a current look at market conditions. Take a look at major news and movements before diving into the event.

The Categories Game

6:30 PM ET

Join us for a round of categories with stock market and finance trivia!

John Bartleman

John Bartleman

Hans Stimming

Hans Stimming

The Art of TradeStation

7:15 PM ET

With John Bartleman, President and CEO, TradeStation Group and Hans Stimming Chief Growth
Officer, TradeStation Group

Join John Bartleman, President and CEO, TradeStation Group and Hans Stimming Chief Growth Officer, TradeStation Group as they walk you through how the history of TradeStation is shaping its future. Learn more about our Miami Bull project, funny stories from the past, and a sneak peek into TradeStation’s future.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Sarah Potter

Ways Women Can Merge Trading into Their Busy Lives

1:15 PM ET

With Sarah Potter, Chief Education Officer, TradeStation Group

This session will focus on helping you find ways to be efficient in the markets and empower you to feel like you can find time to trade. We will get into the basics of various asset classes including crypto, and cover ways you may reduce the time burden of finding and managing trades.

Jesus Nava

Test Your Trading Ideas Before Risking Your Capital

2:00 PM ET

With Jesus Nava, Director of Client Training and Education, TradeStation Securities

In this session, Jesus Nava, Director of Client Training and Education, will show you how to test a trading strategy using the built-in strategy components. Jesus will also show you how to put together both long and short entry and exit components to prototype an unlimited number of strategy ideas. We will also run through the key historical back-testing performance measures and graphs so you can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy idea.

Julie Weidenfeld

Wealth Wellness

3:00 PM ET

With Julie Weidenfeld, Corporate and Individual Wellness Consultant, Peak Health 360

How will your current money habits translate in the future? Will you be prepared mentally and emotionally for planned and unforeseen events? Have you created a money map to determine if your current strategies around money will help to achieve future goals? Learn how to build underlying regular habits that help improve your financial confidence for whatever life throws your way.

David Russell

Three Methods for Decoding the Markets

3:45 PM ET

With David Russell, VP of Market Intelligence, TradeStation Securities

Financials markets are constantly changing as industries and economies evolve. Fortunately, investors only need a few basic tools to understand conditions and react accordingly. David Russell, VP of Market Intelligence at TradeStation, will demonstrate three techniques using the TradeStation platform. Learn to decode the market and get free custom tools in this information-packed session!

Blu Putnam

CME Group Session

4:45 PM ET

With Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group


Anthony Crudele

10 Tips to Becoming the Trader You Want to be

5:45 PM ET

With Anthony Crudele, Host of Futures Radio Show Podcast & Develop Your Edge

Join Anthony Crudele in this webinar as he helps you to think outside the box and learn how you can use traditional indicators in a non-traditional method and learn the difference between trading rules vs trading instincts.

Brandon Wendell

Spread Trading Futures

6:30 PM ET

With Brandon Wendell, CMT

Trading in the futures markets can be tricky. Brandon Wendell, CMT will introduce you to a different method of trading in the futures markets that reduces your margin requirements and provides additional risk management opportunities. Learn how to apply this technique in your trading routine!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Jeff Peters

Product Highlight

1:15 PM ET

With Jeff Peters, Director, Product Management, Client Applications, TradeStation Technologies

Have you ever wondered how TradeStation designs and develops our tools? Would you want the opportunity to tell us about the tools you love and what you want to see next? Join Jeff Peters Director of Product Management and Client Applications as he shares a product highlight and opens the floor to your feedback.

Mat Cashman

Volatility Trading Strategies

2:00 PM ET

With Mat Cashman, Principal, Investor Education, Options Industry Council

Have you ever watched a volatile market and wondered how you might use options to capitalize on the underlying movement? Join Mat Cashman, a former market maker and current OIC instructor, as he leads a discussion covering long straddles and long strangles, short straddles vs. Iron butterflies, short strangle vs. Iron condor, and more.

Ralph Quintero

What I’ve Learned from Buying 500 NFTs

3:00 PM ET

With Ralph Quintero, NFT, web3, and crypto industry advisor and investor

Are you wondering why everyone is talking about investing in cartoon apes, cats, tigers and bears? In this fun and informative session, Ralph Quintero explains why NFTs seem like the hottest new asset class, why you maybe shouldn’t ignore them, and what you should know if you decide to trade them.

Craig Bewick

CME Group Session

3:45 PM ET

Craig Bewick, Senior Director of Client Development and Sales, CME Group


Crypto Session

4:45 PM ET

With TradeStation Crypto


Crypto Session

5:45 PM ET

With TradeStation Crypto


Michael Tibbits

Unlock the Power of the TradeStation Platforms

6:30 PM ET

With Michael Tibbits, Content Specialist, TradeStation Securities

With three distinct platforms, TradeStation gives you the tools to be able to research historical data, monitor real-time market activity, place trades, and execute fully automated trading strategies from just about anywhere. This presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of each of the TradeStation platforms and how you can use them to your advantage.

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