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Automated Trading + Get Commission-Free* Trades No Coding Required

Open a new TradeStation brokerage account or use your existing account, authenticate to Option Alpha platform, and maintain a minimum aggregate balance in your TradeStation accounts of $10,000 to receive this offer.

Connect, Create, Trade


  • Create an Option Alpha account to start autotrading.
  • Connect your TradeStation account to Option Alpha’s platform with one-click integration.
  • Create or clone a bot to automate your favorite stock and option trading strategies.
  • Bots follow your trade plan and automatically send orders to TradeStation.

…It’s that simple.

Position and order details are displayed in Option Alpha and your TradeStation account

Enjoy better pricing with Option Alpha*


Orders sent to TradeStation through the Option Alpha platform are commission-free for stocks, ETFs and options contracts. Plus, international traders have no extra order fees when using Option Alpha.

Pricing Details

$0.00 equity commission up to 10,000 shares per trade
$0.00 per trade & $0.00 per contract up to 50 contracts per trade
$0.50 per contract for individual traders over 50 contracts
$0.50 index surcharge fee. Additional surcharges apply for ECN routing

Automate Your Trading


  • Backtest, automate, and run your trading strategies (stocks or options) with absolutely no coding required.
  • Bots automate your trading decisions and instantly send orders to TradeStation for immediate execution.
  • You’re in full control. Tailor your bot’s position and allocation limits to fit your portfolio.
  • Leverage tools like SmartPricing, SmartStops, Templates, Cloning, and more!

TradeStation + Option Alpha


  • Combine TradeStation’s speed and reliability with Option Alpha’s bot technology.
  • Automate your favorite stock and options strategies with easy-to-use decision recipes.
  • Quickly scale your portfolio and take your trading to the next level.

One-Click Broker Integration


Connect one or more of your TradeStation accounts with a single click and let bots scan for trading opportunities and manage positions. Your Option Alpha account is authorized and trading in seconds.