Start Earning Extra Income

Boost Your Account Balance with Fully Paid Lending

TradeStation’s Fully Paid Lending Program (FPLP) is an easy way to increase your equities account balance.

Opt into the FPLP and we may lend out your fully paid positions or excess-margin securities to other broker-dealers so their customers can short the stock or satisfy other position requirements.

You’ll receive 50% of the income that we earn by lending out the shares, accrued daily and posted monthly to your account.

Two Ways to Apply

Existing Clients

Visit the Client Center to enroll in the program.

New Clients

Select the enrollment option when opening your account.

  1. You opt in
  2. We identify securities in your account that qualify for lending
  3. Based on market demand, some or all of your eligible securities will be lent out
  4. You’ll accrue daily income while your securities are on loan
  5. Once securities on loan are sold or if the loan is recalled, income stops accruing to your account
  6. All securities on loan and accrued interest will be reflected in your monthly statement

There are no trading restrictions on securities that are lent out. You can sell or transfer your positions at any time, just as you would if they weren’t on loan. As required, shares will be recalled and deposited back into your account.

The Fully Paid Lending Program is available to all TradeStation clients who meet the following criteria:

Have questions about your eligibility? Contact Client Services at 800.822.0512 or 954.652.7900.

Shares lent out are not protected by SIPC.

There are potential tax consequences:

  • When shares are lent out, you’ll receive cash payments in lieu of dividends; these payments are treated as ordinary income rather than taxed at the dividend rate.
  • Loan income is taxed as ordinary income.
  • There’s no guarantee that eligible securities in your portfolio will be lent out, as there may be no demand for the securities.

When securities are on loan you lose your ability to exercise voting rights.

Questions? Visit our FAQs to learn more.