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9905.5x return

From 10/18/2015 – 11/10/2021*


83.3% loss

From 12/17/2017 – 12/15/2018*

Here is a closer look into how Ethereum turned $500 over $4.9 MILLION, as well as how Bitcoin turned $500 into $83.

Ethereum (ETH)

9,905.5x return from 10/18/2015 – 11/10/2021*


$500 > $4,952,750 ($500 x 9,905.5x = $4,952,750)*

Bitcoin (BTC)

83.3% loss from 12/17/2017 – 12/15/2018*

83.3% loss
$500 > $83.50   ($1,000 x .833 = $416.50
     $500 – $416.50 = $83.50)*

As you can see above, crypto investments can move quite a bit! We hope this helped you get a sense of the opportunities versus risks that lie in the crypto market. If you’re looking to become an informed trader/investor, we have free education to help you get there.

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