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More Power at Your Fingertips

TradeStation and CQG have teamed up to offer you a very powerful platform for analyzing markets and executing trades. You can now harness advanced CQG features with the speed and reliability of TradeStation’s brokerage services.

  • Multi-asset capabilities – equities, futures, and options all in one place
  • Integration with CQG Integrated Client
  • Available for all new and existing CQG and TradeStation customers
  • Competitive pricing

Serious Trading

Traders need more than just tools – they need an effective platform to execute their strategies. In the third quarter of 2023 alone, TradeStation delivered $5,780,049.94* worth of price improvement to our customers for equity and options orders.


Average price improvement per share filled

All market equity orders.

0.055 seconds*

Speed on covered market orders

Covered market and marketable limit equity orders between 100-4999 shares.


At or Better %

Covered market orders, 1-50 contracts.

Get Started

Access the combined power of TradeStation and CQG by connecting with our customer service team.

Due to the depth of customization of the platforms, setup and integration is a unique experience for every user. Our customer service team will speak directly with you to facilitate your individual setup quickly and efficiently.

While we only need your name and email address, you can help us understand your needs better by providing more details in the Comments/Questions section of the form. Already a CQG client? Find out how you can quickly and easily add TradeStation as a routing venue.