Get Your Share of Today’s Up-and-Coming Companies – Before Their Shares Hit the Market


In the past, it’s been nearly impossible for individual investors to access IPOs and secondary offerings of publicly traded companies before their shares become available on the exchanges.

But not anymore.

Through an arrangement with ClickIPO Securities, TradeStation clients now have access to certain ground-floor investment opportunities available in the mobile-first ClickIPO app – simply by linking it to your existing TradeStation brokerage account.

Here’s How It Works

To get started, simply download the ClickIPO app free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once the app is installed, register it and choose TradeStation as your broker. Once registered, you’ll be able to link your TradeStation account to the ClickIPO app under the “My Account” section.

You can then browse IPOs, viewing the price range, anticipated offering date and more. You can even research each company’s prospectus filed with the SEC. Once you’ve done your research, you can place a conditional order for the shares through your TradeStation account. If shares are allocated, they will be placed directly into your account.

Don’t Have a TradeStation Account?

To get started with ClickIPO, you must open and fund a TradeStation equities brokerage account and maintain a minimum balance of $500. Once your account is funded, simply install the ClickIPO app on your mobile device and link it to your new TradeStation account.

Scott Coyle

Scott Coyle, CEO of ClickIPO Securities

Learn How to Invest in IPOs

“How to Invest in IPOs” with Scott Coyle, CEO of ClickIPO Securities

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For years, individual investors have tried to gain access to IPOs with little to no success. But not anymore. Now you can access IPOs and secondary offerings simply by downloading the ClickIPO app to your mobile device and linking it to your TradeStation account. Learn how to invest in IPOs and secondary offerings before the shares hit the exchange.

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