Sunday, October 2, 2022
Gold Miners Soar as Federal Reserve Puts the 'Bull' Back in Bullion

Gold Miners Soar as Federal Reserve Puts the ‘Bull’ Back in Bullion

Monetary policy is changing, and it's fueling a monster rally in gold-mining stocks. The Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) has gained 18 percent since...
Walmart Tanks as Traders Pivot To Commodity Stocks: Earnings Recap

Walmart Hammered as Covid Boom Fades and Commodities Take Off: Earnings This Week

Walmart cratered this week as investors unloaded stay-at-home stocks and shifted toward commodities. Walmart (WMT) might have generated more revenue than expected, and enjoyed better...

Another Big Inflation Report Is Expected Tomorrow. Here Are Some Futures to Know About

Inflation has done more than just roil the stock market this year. It's also triggering activity across the futures market, covered in today's post. Contracts...
Guess What Chart Just Had a 'Golden Cross'

Guess What Chart Just Had a ‘Golden Cross’

A potentially bullish signal has appeared in gold as the market anticipates dovish policy from the Federal Reserve. The 50-day moving average on gold futures...

Energy, Materials, Transports: New Companies Are Leading as Inflation Rises

Inflation is a growing concern as the economy surges back from coronavirus. This post will discuss companies that could benefit from the trend. The primary...

Some Inflation Hedging Stocks Are Still Down Big Despite Yesterday’s Hot Price Report

Inflation is a hot topic after consumer prices jumped yesterday. However several companies that could benefit from the trend are still down big. Producers of...

Silver Attempts a Pre-Fed Breakout: Technical Analysis

Silver has been dead money since the summer as the U.S. dollar ripped higher. But now it’s attempting a breakout -- despite next week’s...

Technical Analysis: Is Copper Squeezing Toward a Breakout?

Copper had a dramatic run coming out of the pandemic, more than doubling between March 2020 and May 2021. Now, after a period of...

Chinese Stocks Are Crashing. Here’s Why It Could Be Good Luck for U.S. Investors

Most investors know that big Nasdaq stocks have struggled lately. They may be less aware of the carnage in Chinese markets. The iShares China Large-Cap...

Bulls pivot back to energy: Midweek sector check

The S&P 500 is bouncing at its 50-day moving average as the market drifts into the dog days of summer. Here's a breakdown of the best-...
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