Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Charting the Market Educational Series

What’s an ABC Correction? Check out the S&P 500 This Week

Stocks have had an impressive run since breaking out in late October. Gains have been smooth and volatility has been low -- despite negatives...

Don’s Notebook February 13, 2018

So far this morning, U.S. stocks are holding onto yesterday’s momentum, where the S&P 500 Index spent the entire session positive for the first...

With Volatility Increasing, Here Are Key Index-Based Futures and ETFs to Know About

Volatility has risen in the stock market, potentially increasing the importance of indexed products. This post will cover some basic points you may want...

This Important Candlestick Pattern Just Appeared on the S&P 500: Chart Study

The S&P 500 just finished its third straight winning month. Now there could be signs of weakening as May begins. First, let’s revisit the price...

Is the Nightmare Over? Options Trader Sees Huge Rebound

October was a painful month, but now a big options trader is looking for the entire selloff to reverse. Here's a breakdown of the massive...

Deja Vu for the Bulls? These Two S&P 500 Charts Look Very Similar

The S&P 500 flew to new highs last week, and its technical patterns strongly resemble an earlier breakout. First, consider this TradeStation chart study of...
Guide to Value Investing in the Stock Market: P/E Ratios and More

What Are Value Stocks? Why Are They Suddenly Important?

Value stocks are surging in 2021 as the market positions for the economy to rebound. It's a big change from recent years, when so-called...

Guess Who’s Shopping in the Retail Space

Bears are shopping for downside in the retail space after a rough start to the month. A block of 40,000 December 47 puts was purchased...

Industrial Stocks Are Breaking Out as the Economy Roars Back from Coronavirus

Industrial stocks are breaking out as the strengthening economy draws capital away from large technology stocks like Apple and The SPDR Industrial ETF (XLI)...

The Dollar Is Dropping Sharply, Lifting Global Stocks and Commodity Plays

All of a sudden, weak-dollar trades are working. At least 26 foreign-country exchange-traded funds are outperforming the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 so far this year,...
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