Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Why Stocks Move: Macro Trends

This post is part of a series about the catalysts for stock movements. It’s based on a series of talks at TradeStation’s Master Class learning sessions.  On...
Another 'Golden Cross' Is Coming This Week

Another ‘Golden Cross’ May Be Coming Soon

April began with a "golden cross" in the S&P 500. Early May could see a similar pattern in the Russell 2000.
Tesla, Nio and ESG Stocks Are Leading the Rebound in Technology

ESG Stocks Like Solar Energy Are Leaving FANG in the Dust

Something interesting is happening in technology. "ESG" stocks like solar energy are breaking out as megacaps like Apple and Alphabet drift.
Charting the Market Educational Series

What’s an ABC Correction? Check out the S&P 500 This Week

Stocks have had an impressive run since breaking out in late October. Gains have been smooth and volatility has been low --...

FANG Stocks Are Lagging, But Smaller Companies Are Breaking Out

The highest profile technology stocks have been lagging, but a new set of smaller companies appears to be breaking out.

Industrials May Be on the Mend

Economic news has been positive as the SPDR Industrial ETF (XLI) breaks resistance.
Know Your Options Educational Series

Bearish on Tech Stocks like Apple and Amazon.com? Check Out These Options Strategies

Major technology stocks like Apple and Amazon.com are reeling this month. Here are some options strategies to know if you’re getting bearish.

Stocks Going Places, Part 1: Railroads

The Dow Jones U.S. Railroad Index is back above its 50-day moving average.
Stocks Crashed Yesterday. How Serious Is It?

Stocks Fell Yesterday. How Serious Is It?

Stocks just had their sharpest drop in a couple of months. What should we make of it? The first...

Facebook Cedes the Crown: April at TradeStation

After a flurry of volume in March, Facebook (FB) slid down the activity rankings last month. FB was the second-busiest equity on TradeStation in April,...
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